One of a kind or Ooak miniature dolls are hand sculpted by doll makers using detailed handcrafting techniques. They are often 10 to 12 times smaller than a regular size doll, measuring about 2 inches long in length. You can easily hold a few of them in the palm of your hand. There are even some which are as small as a dollar coin. Although they are small in size, a lot of attention and detail is put into creating them to make them as realistic as possible. You would definitely fall in love with the ooak miniature dolls if you appreciate art and have a passion for collectibles. You may already havedoll the Marie Osmond collectible range or the Madame Alexander range and wish to start a new line of collection.

How are Ooak Miniature Dolls Created?

Sculptors' makes custom ooak miniature dolls using clay and slowly moulding it into a human-like figure. They are then painted with a high level of detail to give them the realistic look followed by sticking hair on them. After that, the designer makes custom clothes and dresses to make them seem more lifelike and more fashionable. Due to it being handmade, you may not find the exact same creation elsewhere, which makes the ooak miniature dolls a perfect collectible item. Each one of them is created with different emotions and actions such as lying down, putting their hands up in the air and sucking a pacifier. The non existence of a similar doll on the market adds to its rarity factor, making them a top choice among doll collectors.

Miniature Doll with China Teaset

Where can I buy Ooak Miniature Dolls?

You have a few options when you want to buy custom made ooak miniature dolls whether as a gift or to add to your collection. A simple internet search on Google will yield the results that you want. Here are three main places to help you start your search to buy them.

Directly from the artist: If you are looking to order ooak miniature dolls, you could get them online directly from the artists. They are often members of IGMA Artisan, which is a foundation to promote fine miniatures as a form of art. Some artists even have a website set up for the purpose of selling their creations where you can browse through their gallery to find the one that you like. Before buying direct from them, you could read through their profiles to learn the story about how they started creating these babies. You would often find a connection between yourself and the creator when reading through these sites.

Amazon: Cheap ooak miniature dolls can also be found on Amazon. Prices are dependent on the attractiveness of the doll and also the level of effort put into each one of them. Prices here may be cheaper compared to buying directly from the artists, but it all depends on the quality that you are getting. You could also buy them in a family set, were you would get a family of 4 or 5 people to add to your collection. One of the popular family set is the Gladstone Family set. There are also some ooak miniature dolls which come with tea sets.

eBay: You can often find people selling their collection on eBay. Just conduct a price search of ooak miniature dolls on eBay and it will return you with many results. There are also many categories such as Fairies, Barbie and Babies for you to search from. Browse through the items on sale and if you find one that you like, go for it. Some of the sellers on eBay are the artists who created the doll. Feel free to ask the seller for more details about them if they are the creators as they would often be happy to share their story with you. Note that you should remind the seller to package it properly if you were to buy one from them due to their fragility.

Where should I keep my Ooak Miniature Dolls?

Due to its small size, you would want to keep your ooak miniature dolls properly, preferably in a glass cabinet as a display item in your home. Alternatively, you could also buy mini dollhouses to keep your collection. These dollhouses are also custom made for your ooak miniature dolls according to their scale. Although they are quite expensive, it would be a good idea to get one to complete your set. There are many various designs available online, whether you are looking for a big or small one. They also have fine detail to them as they are often created by the same people who make the ooak miniature dolls.

As you can see, these ooak miniature dolls are a unique collection to have, especially if you are a doll lover. Please note that they should not be given to very small children as they might present a choking hazard due to their size.