Yellow Paint- Craig Larson Photography

Oops paint is a great way to save money when updating the look of your home. Oops paint is paint that has been returned to building warehouses because the consumer had a problem. Simply, the consumer did not like the look of the paint on their walls. Oops paint is sold for 45%-65% of what it would cost new.

You can find Oops Paint at Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, and Habitat for Humanity Restore. Oops paint comes in a variety of choices from semi-gloss, gloss, and flat, to exterior and interior paint choices. The color of Oops Paint may not be as much of a problem as one might think.

Paint CansBuying Oops Paint gives the consumer an opportunity to save money and be creative. A consumer who buys returned paint has an opportunity to mix custom shades and paint types. A paint color can be made darker by adding paint pigment, and lighter by adding the appropriate amount of white paint. Flat paint can be given a sheen by adding glossy paint or semi-gloss and mixed.

The most important thing to consider, when using paint to enhance the value and look of a home, is the condition of what will be painted. Shiny paint finishes will not disguise imperfections on a painted surface. A small dimple in a wall will stick out, like a sore thumb, to anyone viewing it.

  • Flat Finishes- absorb light and hide imperfections.

  • Eggshell Finishes- hide imperfections and have a slight sheen.

  • Satin Finishes- highlight imperfections while providing some durability.

  • Semi Gloss Paint- has a high sheen and is washable.

  • Gloss Paint- emphasizes imperfections, reflects light, and allows for frequent scrubbing.

Habitat RestoreAt Dakotas Landing all the paint used will be Oops Paint. We will use semi-gloss and gloss finishes in nearly every area of the home. With children, using theses finishes is important, the walls will need frequent washing. Semi-gloss and gloss paints hold up well to high traffic.

We will start our journey with Oops Paint, with six, one gallon cans of polyurethane that were dented. I will use the polyurethane to create a waterproofing barrier on our sub-floor. These cans originally sell for $29.95 and I purchased them from my local Habitat Restore for $10.00 per gallon. The polyurethane will be mixed with a tint to produce a color similar to redwood.

Discount PaintThe kitchen and other rooms in the house will be mixed and painted from a 5 gallon bucket of buttercup yellow. I will paint the kitchen, and then mix in a gallon of white semi-gloss to paint the bathroom. Painting of the living-room and bedrooms will follow. By painting the rooms of a home like this you achieve a nice flow from room to room.

Oops Paint is an economical and environmentally friendly choice for homeowners who are updating their home. If a consumer buys returned paint from a Habitat Restore part of the profits fund the building of homes for needy families in the area.