A romantic evening can be spoiled if you act like a klutz serving wine to the man or woman you love. Just follow these steps and your guest will be impressed by your expertise.

Things You Will Need


A corkscrew

A Foil Cutter

Wine Glasses

A Romantic Setting

Step 1

Remove Foil (21561) So let's get started. Get out your bottle of wine, being sure that, if it's a white wine, it is properly chilled. Show the label to your guest and explain why you chose it for this occasion. Now, cut the foil with a foil cutter which makes a clean opening at the top of the bottle, exposing the cork. (See the photo)
Remove Foil (21561)

Step 2


Using a corkscrew that you are familiar with, extract the cork smoothly and gracefully.

Place the cork on the table next to the bottle so your guest can see the winery's name and logo.

Wipe the top of the bottle with a napkin to remove any foil or cork residue. (See the photo)Wipe

Step 3

Pour Pour
Now, holding the bottle by its widest part, pour your glass first. What! Shouldn't the host pour the guest's glass first? No - and I'll tell you why in the next step.

Step 4

Cork piece

Quite often a bit of cork will be floating in the bottle due to the action of the tip of the corkscrew. That piece of cork will usually come out into the first glass poured from the bottle. So, if that happens, you want the cork to end up in your glass, not your guest's. The romance can be spoiled if he/she says to you, "What's this floating in my wine?"

Step 5

Perfect pour

Make sure you use the proper wine glass for the type of wine you are serving. The red wine glasses are always wider than the white wine glasses.

Only pour the wine up to where the glass begins to curve inward, about one third of the way up the wine glass. (See the attached photo) This maximizes the surface area of the wine which allows the wine's bouquet to fill the upper part of the glass. This holds true for both red and white wine.

Now you may gently "clink" your glasses and, if you've prepared a romantic toast, look into his or her eyes and toast. Then enjoy the wine and the rest of your romantic evening.

Tips & Warnings

Always properly chill white wine.
Know something special about the wine so you can impress your guest.