Home staging is one of the best ways to increase the chances of selling your house fast and for more money. Used in conjunction with home staging strategies, Open House staging is the next step to selling success. Pros know that Open House staging can give you the edge in a competitive market simply by creating a hospitable environment.

 Be sure to complete these staging steps before you open the doors of your Open House event:


sensible open house stagingCredit: adventuresofadogmom.wordpress.com

Walk around your home with your senses engaged. Check out what you see, what you smell, and the sounds you hear. Pick up, clean up, or adjust the volume of what you take in. Think about what kind of buyer you are appealing to and accommodate their sight, sound, and scent preferences.


table_setting_for_open_house_stagingCredit: www.younghouselove.com


Potential buyers want to picture themselves living in the space. Help them with their vision by minimizing your furnishings and style and playing up areas where buyers will spend most of their time. Set the dining room table with your best china. Create a cozy seating area for two on a patio, or around a fireplace. Show them how life will be lived in this new home of theirs.  


light bulbCredit: newstalk870.amIt’s important to appeal to buyers’ desire for a move-in ready house and there’s no easier way to do that than with proper lighting. Check for bulbs of the same wattage throughout your home to ensure a uniform look. Make sure that every light is turned on throughout the home during the Open House. A well-lit home appears clean and cared for, and move-in ready.

thermostatCredit: guardianlv.com


Consider the season and regulate your thermostat accordingly. Rooms that are too hot or too cold will send prospective buyers exiting as soon as possible, and that’s exactly what you don’t want. Running the ceiling fans in your house will not only keep the air flow constant, it will also draw the buyer’s eye to this desirable selling feature.


Show qualified buyers how important they are to you. Serve cookies and lemonade or other simple snacks during your Open House. Gracious hospitality will always make your home stand out in the buyer’s mind.

image of gluten-free sunbutter cookiesCredit: simplygluten-free.com

As with any other home staging strategy, Open House staging is another way to sell your house faster and for more money. Remember who your target buyer is, and set the stage accordingly. Appeal to their senses, and clear the way for them to visualize living in the house and you’ll be on track for selling your house fast!



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