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Open metal storage cabinets are one of the materials that are most commonly seen in offices, schools, business institutions, firms and even within the confines of several homes. Cabinets are basically considered as one of the basic furniture that is seen in homes and offices. In the early production of such furniture, it is usually made from natural wood, which has evidently displayed properties of durability, firmness and stability. As technology undeniably paved its way to the lime light and evidently made significant impact to the general society, things have evolved and many essential changes have become palpable. One of the most improved and highly influenced by further discoveries and advancement of technology is the production of furniture which are the cabinets. From simple construction of wood, cabinets nowadays come in metals and are very much preferred compared to wooden cabinets.



Open metal storage cabinets are deemed to be one of the most useful and highly effective means of having a well organized space for various sets of materials and things. Especially in today’s increasingly demanding society, many people tend to possess several kinds of materials, even the most unnecessary ones. While wooden types of cabinets are the first ones to emerge and are still in existence until this modern day era, open metal storage cabinets have become the most frequently opted type nowadays. As this is one fact, it is vital that factors affecting the preference of the modern population in the type of cabinet be delved into, in specifics. The advantages in using such type over the natural ones will also be tackled as well as the hassles it can bring among users.

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Manufacturing, supply, production and prompt distribution of the various components of a household will always be operational, despite the rapidly advancing and developing times of the 21st century. While there are several types of appliances and furniture that must be contained among residential houses as well as other institutions and establishments, cabinets will always be one of them. And in today’s type of society, open metal storage cabinets are the ones which are highly in demand. Thus, preferential factors will be discussed along with the pros and cons that come with the utilization of such type of storage material.

Wood vs. Metal

Open metal storage cabinets are the current trend of today due to several factors that make it the primary option.

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For one, metals are products of technology whereas wood is one product of nature. With this concept on hand, open metal storage cabinets become the main choice as it has been tested in laboratories for quality. More so, metals are made of certain specific chemicals that make such product precise and specific in property, purpose and function. Thus, open metal storage cabinets become the first option.

In addition to that, open metal storage cabinets are preferred over wooden cabinets as they have proven to be of less interest among household pests that typically feed on wood per se. Stored materials therefore, are at lesser risk for damage and distortion when open metal storage cabinets are the type being utilized.

Apart from what has been cited, cabinets made from metals do not get easily broken or dysfunctional compared to wooden types of cabinets. Over the course of time, most cabinets made from wood have received poor feedback from users as they are the type which can chip and distort the natural physical appearance of the entire cabinet. More so, most wooden cabinets cannot obtain it natural look once damage is already present. Open metal storage cabinets are devoid of such event as metals obtain the property of being malleable and therefore can easily be restored to its original look.


Further advantage of open metal storage cabinets over wooden cabinets is the fact that the former cannot easily be broken even with the aid of tools and some machines while the latter can broken down to pieces by mere use of sharp knives, blades and saws.

And most importantly, metal is one synthetic material that has proven to possess durability, stability and long term usefulness whereas wood can decay with nature and depends greatly on several different environmental factors.

Pros and cons


One significant benefit that can be gained in using open metal storage cabinets is the security of materials being placed in the cabinet, particularly from moist, dirt and damage from household pests. The use of open metal storage cabinets ensure that materials are kept securely and assures users that potential environmental hazard cannot penetrate through.

Another benefit being provided by open metal storage cabinets is that it does not need to be replaced from time to time, as cabinets made from metals have proven to last for a long period of time.

More so, open metal storage cabinets promotes the concepts of organization, order and proper management of things, especially among things found in homes, offices and other establishments.

However, open metal storage cabinets are very much prone to rusting, as it is made from metal. Another fallback of choosing to use such type of cabinet is that it can increase the budget limit setting. Most open metal storage cabinets come with high costs as quality and durability are being considered by manufacturers and suppliers alike.


Open metal storage cabinets have become one of the trend setters in today’s times. Interestingly, metal cabinets have been variably innovated and now come in different styles, colors and structures. There are even some which are personally made and are customized according to the consumers’ preference. Thus, despite the cons being identified, the advantages that are imposed with the use of open metal storage cabinets definitely dominate and outweigh the pitfalls of such material. More so, open metal storage cabinets are indeed useful in organizing things and keeping things in order and are deemed to be one of the existing evidences that the world has greatly evolved with the recognition, appreciation and prompt utilization of the products that come from the power of technology.