Open Office is free, easy to use and easy to install on your computer. Additionally there are versions available for a variety of computer types, so you can find an Open Office to suit your computer.


Open Office may lack some features of more expensive, mainstream office suite packages. If you don't need the extra bells and whistles though, this won't be an issue for you.

Full Review

Open Office, for those who aren't sure about it or have never heard of this software before, is a free office suite program that anyone can download. This is one of the biggest advantages that Open Office offers to people who may be sick to death of Microsoft products, or who simply don't want to pay money for a simple word processing program that will let them compose their novel or write papers for school. However, Open Office has other features that make it helpful beyond its nonexistant price tag.

Open Office is a much simpler program that resembles pre-Vista versions of Microsoft Office. This makes it very convenient for anyone who's familiar with the one to switch over to the other. Additionally, more recent updates of Open Office allow you to save your files in up-to-date formats so that you're not limited to creating files that you can only read with outdated programs.

Additionally, Open Office is not only free to download but it's free to update as well. Unlike some programs that will allow you to download the current version but make you pay for later updates (just like coke dealers, the first hit's always free), Open Office is up front and user friendly because it offers such basic features for necessary desktop publishing that everyone should have access to them. So if what you need is a simple, basic set of programs so that you can get your homework done or put together a presentation for the boss, Open Office is like an old revolver. It may lack some of the fancy laser sights and huge round capacity of newer models, but it's reliable, sturdy and it will get the job done.

In Closing

Open Office is a great, functional set of suite programs that anyone should be able to figure out with a little experimentation and tinkering. You can't beat the price tag, and it shouldn't take long to download if you have even a halfway decent Internet connection from sites like