There are ways to stay home and make money doing things you enjoy. Here is a list of several different things.

Making money at home can range from working online to building. So first the online options.

there are things such as bookkeeping= you will keep records for companies

concierge= you make appointments for people when they need them

medical transcription= this one can be done on it's own or you can work for a company, getting established may turn out to be a challenge.

Freelance writer= there are places you can give reviews of different items. Now this may seem that your working for a company but you are considered self-employed

Then you have things you can do offline;

a doggy day care, as you may know by the title you would be taking care of people's precious pets while they are at work or need to go somewhere.

dog walking service= although this one has you on the move, it is still considered a home business.

mobile grooming service= with this one you have a vehicle that has everything needed to groom the pet, you set up appointments and go to the persons house. You sit out front and groom the pet in your vehicle and then when done return the pet to it's owner and collect your money.

Baby-sitting= of course you know what this entitles. Watching children in your home. With this one you will need to check locally to see if you are required to have a license.

You can use your imagination to find a job you would love to do. Even if it doesn't make the money you want, it's still worth the effort and learning you got out of it.

Just don't give up and don't think you can not do it, have discipline and you can do just about anything you set out to do. Even if it's just cleaning out your closet and selling something Ebay, you can do it.

Don't give up either, don't expect to earn money right away especially from writing. It takes time to build up a passive income. It doesn't happen over night, not many things do. You have to be persistent. Just remember you can only do it if you try. You can't get any where sitting there doing nothing.

Just as a note to help encourage you, I know a woman that has worked for 3 years blogging and is now making over $5000.00 a month. Some may know her some may not. But she done it, and so can you. Just keep believing in yourself, and you can accomplish your dreams. Set realistic goals and don't waver a step and you can see it happen.