Opening up your own in home daycare can be very rewarding.  Having the ability to be around kids all day and being able to teach them new things will fill your heart with joy.  While there are many a rewards to starting your own daycare, there are some things you will want to know about as well.

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State Laws: Since all laws are different you will want to thoroughly research the daycare laws in your state.  Some examples of these laws are having an accurate ratio of teachers to kids.  In Wisconsin the law is that you can have 4 kids to 1 adult, that are not related to you, unless you have you are licensed for child care through the state.  If you want to be licesened in Wisconsin you must pass a few tests such as taking some classes, passing your TB test and making sure you keep up on your certificiation in First Aid and CPR.  A state inspector will come an inspect your house before you receive a license.  You may need a fence, outlet covers and may need to make a few changes to your house before you get your license.

Certification: As stated above, there are some cerficiations you will need to open up your own daycare.  Even if you are not state certified, you probably want to have CPR and First Aid up to date as a resource to make the parents feel more comfortable.  These classes can be taken online or in a face to face classroom.

KidsCredit: Morgue FileSchedule: When you set up your own daycare, you will probably want to have some kind of schedule.  Not only is structure great for the kids, but it will help your day run smoother as well.  Have a schedule that you can follow everyday.  Getting the kids into a daily routine will help them adjust each day.  You may want to start your day with circle time where you can sing songs, count and learn letters of the alphabet.  Later in the day you can work on art, go outside, have lunch, take naps and end the day with free time and music.  There are plenty of schedules and daily activities that you can find online for the kids to follow.

Kids 1Credit: Morgue FileTax Information: Just because the parents may be paying you cash, doesn't mean that you can keep this business under the table.  You will have to keep record of your self employment for tax purposes.  The great thing about doing this is that you have a lot of deductions that you can claim on your tax information.  Food, house repairs, and anything you buy for daycare purposes can be deducted on your taxes.

Advertise Your Daycare: When you first open up your daycare, you will want to advertise your new business.  You can do this many different ways.  Advertising on Craigslist, putting an ad in the newspaper, putting up a flyer in public places as well as telling people about your business simply by word of mouth are just a few examples.  At first it may be hard finding kids to come into your new business, but after a while you will find a waiting list to accept kids into your new in home daycare.  You may have more business than you can handle.

Printing Out the Right Papers: To open up your own in home daycare and be successful you may want to print out the right papers for the ease of yourself, the kids and the parents.  Printing out and having the parents sign a contract is a good idea.  This is smart in case they were to not pay you.  You would have proof of what the parents owe.  It is also a good idea to print out a receipt for the your record.  This will keep track of when a payment was made and how much the family owes.  It is a good idea to have rules on payments and late payments.  For an example, if a payment is not received by a specific day, there may be a late fee associated with it.  Establish these rules before you apply them.  To run a successful in home daycare business you may want to track everything the child eats and drinks and how often they are using the bathroom.  This is an excellent idea in case the child is sick or develops allergies.  You will have on record what the last thing they ate was in case they were to develop any allergies.  There are many signs and symptoms to developing allergies.

Kids 4Credit: Morgue FileIllness Rules: When you are running your own in home daycare you will want to make sure the kids stay home when they are too sick.  The last thing you want is for the contagious sickness to spread to the other kids or even yourself, which would make your job miserable.  The general rule is if the child has a fever, they can attend daycare again if their fever has been broke for 24 hours.  You should send a child home if the fever is higher than 100.3 degrees.  Obviously if the child has been diagnosed with anything else contagious by the doctor, it is a good idea to make sure the child stays at home.  To make things fair, you may want to request a note from the doctor stating that the child is well and not contagious.

Kids 3Credit: Morgue FileHave Rules For Kids: There is nothing worse than having a bunch of kids running around without any rules.  It is important to have rules in your house if you are going to be opening up your own daycare.  Do you let your kids jump on the beds or eat on the couch?  If you wouldn't allow your kids to do it, do not allow the daycare kids to do it.  The rules must be the same for everybody.  Talking with the parents and let them know what is expected at your home is a great idea.  Most likely they have the same rules that their kids most follow at home.

Opening up your own in home daycare can be extremely rewarding.  Being successful at self employment can be very beneficial for your home.  You will love having kids fun of smiles and laughs in your home everyday.

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