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Items Needed To Rent a PO Box With The US Postal Service

If you're looking for a solution to enable you to receive your mail securely and privately, getting a PO Box might be an excellent option for you to consider. PO Box rentals are inexpensive and convenient and allow you to receive your mail without having to give out your home address or other personal information. Only you need to know where you live; everyone else can easily contact you using a separate mailing address that you can obtain when you rent a PO Box. With the popularity of the Internet, we are constantly entering information into online forms, entering surveys and submitting customer support tickets. What we don't know is where this information actually goes and what might be done with it en route to its destination. There are a lot of crazies in the world who do a lot of weird things with addresses and other information that they obtain. Protect yourself and your family and get yourself a PO Box.

The Benefits Of Renting A PO Box

The United States Postal Service has different sizes of Post Office Boxes available to rent for a nominal monthly fee. Whether you are an individual or a small business owner, it can be beneficial to rent a PO Box or mailbox to receive your letters and packages. If you move often, a PO Box can be maintained throughout the moving process, eliminating the hassle of having to change your mailing address every time you move.  For those who move often, this can be a lifesaver. If you are a small business owner, a PO Box can provide you with privacy and secure access to your mail so that you can receive mail without giving out your home address to your customers. Think about it: would you want a disgruntled customer to show up at your home address complaining about one of your products or services? The mailboxes that are offered by the United States Postal Service are convenient to obtain, often with 24 hour access to your mail in a secure location for a small monthly fee.

Before you decide to rent a PO Box, you may wish to consider the volume of mail that you will be receiving. If you receive a lot of mail, you may need to rent a larger PO Box, which will probably cost a bit more than a smaller box. Before deciding on your box size, you should go down to your local Post Office and look at the box sizes- they are actually a bit smaller than most people realize. Large packages will be held for you behind the counter at the Post Office at no charge, but if your mail volume exceeds the capacity of the box, you will need to get a larger box. You should also consider your Post Office location as different Post Office locations charge different rates and fees for their box rentals. For this reason, it pays to compare Post Office Box rates before you make a commitment to one Post Office. Also, you should consider choosing a location closer to your home if you are concerned about traveling to pick up your mail. You will need to weigh the benefits of saving money versus saving travel time if there is a wide Post Office Box rate variation between the different local offices.

Choosing a PO Box Company For Your Mail

There are several different mail management companies available that you can use to rent a mailbox. The US Post Office usually has some of the most competitive post office box rates and great service. As an added benefit, in most locations, renting a PO Box allows you to receive your mail before many other people do. Post Offices distribute the mail to PO Boxes before sending out their mail carriers to deliver the mail. This means that the letter from your cousin or the refund check that you've been waiting for will reach you as soon as possible. This is a definite benefit of renting a PO Box to receive your mail, in addition to the additional privacy and security that you'll get. 

You can start the process of getting a PO Box online at the United States Post Office's website online, but you cannot finalize the process without going into a local Post Office branch to finalize your paperwork, prove your identity and pick up your mailbox key. It's hard to say if initiating the process online will actually save you much time, considering that you still have to go down to pick up your key during regular business hours, and there are PO Box applications available in the Post Office.

The USPS website provides you with a simple application form to fill out online, print out and take with you to the Post Office. You can also pay for your box online during the application process or in person. If you choose to pay for your box online, be sure to bring evidence of payment with you to show to the clerk. When you do go down to the post office to get the key for your PO Box, you will need to present valid identification before they will give you your mailbox number and key. This is for your security and protection. Despite providing the Post Office with this information, your mailbox is still a private way to receive your mail and packages.

Documents Needed For A PO Box Include A Valid Identification Card

The best form of identification is your driver's license or state-issued identification card. You can also use a valid passport to prove your identity, if you have one available. Make sure that any form of ID that you present to obtain your PO Box is not expired and currently valid, or it will not be accepted by the Post Office worker. Once you have shown proof of identification and submitted the rest of your documentation, you will be able to pay for your mailbox if you have not already done so, and then pick up your key. That's it- now you have your own PO Box to receive your business or personal mail. Be careful not to lose your key, or the Post Office will charge you a fee to make you a new one. Remember, you cannot make copies of post office keys, so store your mail key carefully.

Now, you can give out your new Post Office Box mailing address to anyone that you choose to and not have to worry about giving away personal information that can put you at risk. Write your PO Box address down and keep it in a safe location until you memorize it. Make sure that your private information stays private for your own safety and peace of mind. The nominal cost of a PO Box is well worth the price or privacy.

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