Book Binding Machines

This little machine will bind your booklets or proposals to give them a professional look. This machine looks a little intimidating but is very simple to operate. Once you learn how to use it, the binding machine will save you lots of time.

To begin making your book bindings have your documents copies and supplies for each copy lined up in the work space area. You will need a clear cover sheet so your front page will be seen and colored back sheet for each copy. If you intend to make one original, you will need one alternate color. The spiral plastic combs should match the back cover.

Cover sheets


First cut the holes in all the front and back covers. Set the machine knob in front of machine to cut covers. Place covers one at a time, square corners in towards machine and evenly inside of machine. Pull lever towards you to cut holes.

The next step is to cut all the documents. You will have to change the machine setting to letter size. Place documents inside of machine, several at a time, always keeping them even and pushing them back as far as they will go in machine. You can test your machine ahead of time to see how many sheets it will do. It will also depend on the thickness of the paper. Now that all holes are cut you can begin to bind the books.

Put the binding plastic comb on the machine teeth, from the back so it's facing you. Push the lever away from you to open up the comb so the pages will be able to be placed on them. The comb should open up but if they don't they are upside down and turn the comb the opposite way. Put the front clear cover on first, then each page in order until you reach the back. The back cover should be shiny side out or pattern side out. Once you have everything on the machine, move the binding machine lever towards you. This will bind the booklet or proposal. Once you get used to the machine, you will be able to do them quick with more pages at a time.

Binding the pages


There are several size combs that are available and you will have to decide depending on how many page you are including in the booklet. If you are doing this as a professional proposal, it is best to get quality supplies so that your booklets will make a statement about your business.