Although the “Tablet” was only introduced a few years ago; it is amazing the growth that this gadget has experienced during its short life; more and more people are using a tablet instead of a laptop or PC and the convenient of a small device with the most important features of a desktop computer will attract more users over the next few years. The most popular tablet at the moment is the iPad but other tablets such as the Blackberry Playbook and the recent introduction of the Amazon Kindle Fire will go head to head to reach the top spot of popularity.


Most Popular Tablets


N° 1 – Apple iPad

The famous iPad has been one of the best selling gadgets during the last few years and the trend is likely to continue but only because more people are replacing a laptop for the comfort of a tablet; however, new tablets are likely to compete for the first place or at least a fight for good share of the sales.

iPad’s Operating System: iOS

Although the iPad has the biggest number of free applications at the moment, this doesn’t mean that the iOS operating system is the most developed; in fact, other tablets are “gaining grounds” in the tablets war due to faster and multitasking operating systems. The biggest complain about iOS is the incompatibility with Adobe Flash, the software that lets you watch online videos; another complain is the speed of the operating system when several pages and applications are running at the same time; however the video playback and the unlimited number of free and paid apps will keep you entertained and happy with your iPad.


N° 2 – Blackberry PlayBook

Stylish, well built, smaller and cheaper than the iPad; this is probably the tablet that could compete with the iPad in terms of functionality and although it doesn’t have as many apps as the iOS operating system, it is expected that this particular market will increase in the near future.


Blackberry PlayBook’s Operating System: QNX

The QNX operating system is highly effective, easy to use and fast enough to run different apps at the same time without slowing the speed of the Blackberry PlayBook. If you are a fan of apps then QNX comes in second place, only after iOS but it is important to highlight that it is compatible with the Android operating system, making it even more attractive to users. The only but very important problem about this operating system is that in order to use the free email and messaging features you must be connected to your BlackBerry phone – hopefully, this is something that will be corrected soon.


N° 3 – Google Android Tablet

The Motorola Xoom has been one of the most expected gadgets since Google announced the introduction of a highly efficient tablet in the competitive technology world and although everyone knows about Google as a search engine, not everyone knows that Motorola Xoom exists; at least not as many as people know the word iPad.


Motorola Xoom’s Operating System: Android

As you can imagine, the web browser is probably the best from all tablets; however the number and quality of the apps is not as great as expected; however, this might chance when apps developer see the potential in the Android market. The operating system is excellent but not as easy to use as the iOS or the QNX but at least it supports adobe flash; it would be ideal for the android operating system to offer an offsite data storage; this will definitely put it on the top of the list.