An operating system, OS, has been defined many ways over its years of existence. The simplest way to define an OS is that it's a set of different programs that controls the applications on the computer and how the user operates it. Operating systems are found on any device that contains some type of computer. This includes web services, cell phones, video game consoles, and even super computers. The three most popular OS are Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It wasn't until the mid 60's when computers moved from being simply large calculators to something more complex. The average operating systems is made up of many different parts. The kernel, which is the most important part, controls how the memory is written and read, how information gets sent and received, and the order that actions are made in. The part we are most familiar with is the user interface. This is what the user interacts with as it allows you to use and control programs and applications.

For the computers in the early 50's, processing was slow because it could only execute one single program at a time. To the computer and internet user today, that concept seems absurd. Today we are able to run multiple applications and programs at once. You can listen to music while surfing the web and playing a game, all while updating your Facebook or Twitter status. The evolution of the operating system has truly evolved into something great and it isn't over yet.

The newest Windows OS is Windows 7, and it is much better than the previous operating system, Vista. Vista has numerous bugs and errors that made it an absolute headache to deal with. If you only used your computer to check emails here and there, you probably never noticed. However, for the true internet user Vista was definitely a building stone to the new Windows 7. The new Mac OS, Mac OS X, is also a better implemented system. Although the classic Mac OS ran from 1984 to 2001 so it wasn't too troubling to operate. Linux is also a popular operating system, but if you aren't really into computers you may have never known it existed. The Linux operating systems runs on super computers, wristwatches and it very important to make web designers and web hosting companies. Whichever operating system you use, you can be sure today's technology can keep up with the applications you are running.