I have steered clear of posting some of the appalling images of cruelty but they are there for all the world to see, yet no-one acts.

Anti animal testingHaving read various articles, regarding the use of animals to test many products, I am saddened.

One would have thought that by the 21st Century, civilised mankind would have found other alternatives. However, it would seem that such practices have not benefitted from funding to find alternative means.

I am appalled at the thought of the suffering that defenceless creatures endure, for often inane reasons. Picking up a leaflet from a group of local activists recently, and seeing the terrible treatment that animals suffer, often for unnecessary cosmetic products, I cannot understand how anyone could not be moved.

There is always the argument about testing medicines, which will benefit mankind, but I still feel uncomfortable about that. After all why should we be all supreme and god's other creatures so invalid?

What I often find shocking, about the general ill treatment of animals, is that it is often carried out by God fearing people. People, one assumes, who would abhor cruelty, in day to day life. Working in such laborartories must be one of the most soul destroying jobs ever. Whatever benefits you come up with, will be at such a price. Whether it is high financial rewards or ensuring that new medication can be rigorously tested, the price is too high, as far as suffering goes.

Unnecessary suffering

Many years ago, I suppose, it was often felt that animal experiments were the only way. However, with all the advances is science and technology, I am sure that the vast majority of animal experiments, these days, are totally unnecessary and that there will be humane alternatives.

Recently watching domestic dogs being tortured in China, as they were brutally killed for food, left me shocked and horrified. However, I do not feel any less so, when I see photographs of animal torture at the hands of laboratory technicians and western scientists.

I cannot condone or agree with hardline activists, who leave a path of destruction and sometimes death in their wake,but I do feel it is time for these experiments to stop.

Look at the pain

If there is any justice in this world, and such a thing as being born again, perhaps these tormentors will return to this world as laboratory animals.

Many people will tell you that there is worse suffering in this world, This is true but that does not mean the suffering that animal's experience in laboratories is just or right.

Next time you are asked to add your name to a petition, hoping to help reduce the suffering of animals in laboratories or around the world, look deep into your heart. Instead of passing by without a second glance take a look at the horrific images and add your name to any petition. It will cost you nothing but may help the fight.

Overall I feel it is a waste of life, unnecessary suffering and plain cruel. I know many readers will disagree but felt I wanted to briefly express my feelings having just read someonelse's views.