Life is chaotic and there are no coincidences. Everything will come together eventually.

I studied economics. I though it was a rather broad field and a broad field leads to more possibilities. In my spare time, I studied programming by myself. I loved doing it. 

My first job was at a bank. I was in client support and due to hard work and dedication I was soon transferred to the credit department. Note that Banking and Finance was not my field of study. One year and a half later I was offered the position of head of the department. I would have been the youngest Head of Department in the bank. Within the next month I quit the bank. I started my own business. I was importing high end designer furniture from asia into europe. It was going great. Three year later I left the company for my father to administrate and took a job in broadcasting. I was working on TV Graphics and with in 6 months I became Head of the Visual Real Time Rendering department with the number 1 news channel in the country. Another two years later, I found myself 4500 miles away on a new continent. I was in mobile development and I loved it. In fact, I loved every job I had. I learned a unique set of skills from each and every one of them. I keep in touch with the people I worked with from all the jobs I had.

Making sense of it all

It is easy to connect the dots while looking back. It makes a lot of sense. The story might sound chaotic, but it is not. Let me explain briefly.

When I was a teenager I worked many hours helping my dad at home and my grandparents in the country side. I did not like doing that at all back then but I learned how to work hard. When I got my first job, hard work was  not new to me and it came easy. In the credit department I saw gaps in the system and I came up with ways to improve it. I wrote some very basic software to facilitate that. It took many nights to get it done, but I had a blast doing it. Everyone loved the new software. My system was so effective, that soon enough I got a promotion offer. I analyzed my future path and growth possibilities. It did not make sense to me. By that time I had my own company set up, so I left the bank. As a side note, I should say that I was constantly reading books, learning new things, completing contract based projects and connecting with people from all circles.

The company requires a separate chapter as it was a big change in my way of thinking. I never worked as hard as I did back then. It almost broke me. But it made me realize things that I had no chance to learn any place else. So I learned. In that period of my life I also traveled and met wonderful and very interesting people. Many of them were ex and current CEOs and consultant of multinational billion dollar companies. I felt small. I felt blessed. I made the time and courage to talk to all of them. I have to thank them for many things. They had the patience to watch me learn on my mistakes.

When I was done learning, I knew the basics of business and communication in a way that you will not learn in the University. It was empowering and liberating. My people skills upgraded to a hole new level. In all that time I continued to read books on various topics. I always craved self improvement. Soon I ventured on to broadcasting. Here I did programming and visual graphics. I learned very specific software and worked in the most fast paced environment so far. It was great. In the spare time I learned new programming languages and new platforms. In the next few years I switched contents and was practicing my last learned skills. 

Connecting the dots

Looking back, I see my life as a well pieced together puzzle rather than a pile of random occurrences, skills and knowledge.

Remember. No matter what happens to you. No matter what you learn in life. Most of the things you do. All of it will come together to form blocks of your life. Be careful what you build your blocks out of. Your actions today, will reflect on your life tomorrow.

I should know, I am still patiently ironing out the spontaneously created bumps of my life from the past.

I would also like to share the following great speech with those of you who do not know of it.