Within a few years of the introduction of Android OS for mobile devices, Android based Smartphones and tablet devices have almost dominated the market. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the interest of third-party and freelance developers who are proving as the main power for Android. Due to their participation, Android is on its way to catch up with iOS in near future.

According to various surveys, most of it's the users are under 30 years of age and a handsome amount of these users are also the freelance developers. What is clearly evident is that young software developers prefer it over iOS. The main reason for this preference, of course, happens to be the open source nature of Android since it gives the developers a lot more flexibility when it comes to modifying the source code.

Android OS and various related platforms are also more user-friendly compared to iOS. This clear edge of developers’ support that Android enjoys has accelerated the rate at which applications are being developed for it's app market. The applications present in Android app store are much less compared to Apple’s app store, but the gap is being constantly bridged and it is expected that in a couple of years or so, Android would be standing on equal footing with Apple app store.

This victory of an open source platform clearly manifests the likeness of common as well as technical users for open source tech stuff. Great thing about Android development that comes handy for the developers is the Software Development Kit through which one can get down to the details of an app and perform easy implementation. The main reasons that are attracting more and more developers each day toward Android can be classified into three:

  1. The open source nature of Android since it gives a lot more flexibility and ease of programming. 
  1. Enhanced security and performance stability due to the Linux kernel of Android since it operates quite smoothly and does not have any notorious history of crashing down.
  1. The porting process of Android apps is very simple compared to iOS and other platforms.

A big difference between app development in Android and that in iOS happens to be the programming language. The language used for app development in iOS is C Sharp while the language used in Android is JAVA programming language. JAVA is much easier and flexible compared to C Sharp and hence this factor has also contributed in attracting young developers toward Android development.

The development tools used in app development for Android are very simple to use and the process has further been simplified with the SDK that Google provides. So Android developers basically enjoy all the advantages that the open source technology can offer and this is the main reason for the immense popularity of Android. Besides, the development process is accompanied with various rich tools such as the facility of 2D and 3D graphics, CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi, EDGE etc. Overall, the pace at which the community of young Android developers is expanding is quite impressive and it is due to these people that Android today has become a giant of mobile devices industry.