Traveling nursing jobs are fantastic careers because nurses are a hot commodity and will continue to be for quite some time. An aging population and tuition increases for nursing programs will help the shortage continue into the near future. Many opportunities exist in the field of traveling nursing jobs and the benefits can be great. Why consider traveling nursing jobs? What are some of the great benefits and potential downsides to traveling nursing jobs? This is a great career move for many RNs and LPNs once they weigh these two considerations.

Why are traveling nursing jobs so in demand?

Nurses are like gold. The resource exists but it takes time to mold into something that people want and even once this happens, the end product is rarely in the location where demand is the greatest. Gold is shipped from all over the world to the wealthiest nations, so this same logic applies to nursing. There are shortages in nursing almost everywhere, but the demand for nurses is as great as ever. Imagine the ever-increasing shortfalls being faced by large, urban area hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. There simply are not enough nurses graduating and staying in certain areas. These locations and facilities must extend their recruiting effort in a wider and wider path. Desperate to lure talented, dedicated and professional nurses has led to larger concessions and benefits to those who are willing to fill traveling nursing jobs.

Where are the traveling nursing jobs?

Travel nurse jobs can be located anywhere in the United States and the world. From Denver to Dubai, medical facilities and staffing agencies are looking to recruit. Pay and benefits can vary greatly according to location. Environment vs pay will play a big factor in making a decision about where a nurse chooses to relocate for a position.

What are the benefits of traveling nursing jobs?

In recent years almost all nursing jobs have benefits above and beyond many other professional careers. Signing bonuses, overtime pay, weekend Baylor plans that give compensation for extra hours with no extra work and flexible scheduling. Many of these same perks will apply to traveling nursing jobs, plus there are others! Many potential employers are offering housing stipends, sign on bonuses, instant vacation allowance, higher pay, meal allowances and flexible shifts. The need is so great in many pl

aces that the nursing agency is willing to almost do whatever it takes to bring more staff on board. Another great benefit is being able to live in a place that might otherwise be unaffordable and the opportunity to take advantage of art and culture in this new area.

What are the downsides of traveling nursing jobs?

Have travel nursing skills

Many employers expect a candidate to sign a contract of six months to a year or even longer. This can be a long time away from family and friends, especially if the hiring body does not offer housing compensation for family. New hires are sometimes required to work as a float among various departments and facilities. Sometimes shifts are not guaranteed and a new nurse may be required to work any day or shift. A traveling nurse may find that they are one of many other displace nurses and not enjoy the same sense of community found at their previous job. Sometimes the work is not what was expected and there is a feeling of being trapped. Often, there are distance requirements that must be followed. Regional hospitals beca

me wise to locals looking to shift out of the area work pool and enter the traveling nursing jobs field. This only increases demand and shrinks supply. To counteract this effect, many employers insist the recruit be from a certain distance away so that the immediate area workforce remains unaffected.

Individuals must weigh the risks and rewards and decide if traveling nursing jobs are right for them. It pays to investigate and talk more than one traveling nurse agency in order to choose a great one. Choosing a good traveling nursing agency can make a world of difference in the overall experience. This along with flight nursing jobs and occupational health nursing jobs will continue to be one of the highest paying jobs and a great opportunity in the nursing field. Along with home health nursing jobs, the stability provided by traveling nursing jobs will appeal to many RNs and LPNs. This may just be the career for you!