Step forward to spring cleaning


No one's idea of good time is to stay home and clean. But spring cleaning is just around the corner and it is something that has to be done. During the winter you cannot clean your house so good. No matter what efforts you put into cleaning in cold season you cannot for instance wash your carpet, or your upholstery. Textile floorings and draperies at your home require to be totally dried before you start using them again to prevent mold and mildew appearance. This is why we usually leave the thorough cleaning in spring.

It sure is a lot of work, but it is possible to do it faster and effective when you have adequate plan. It is stupid to start any project without having a good tactic. You will only loose your time and your efforts if you start to do it without a strategy. No one wants to fail such big and important task as spring cleaning. So if you want to get excellent results you can read through the optimizing suggestions below and get some useful ideas.

Put some order in your house

tidy up

Tidy up Around the House

There's no point to start the actual cleaning before your house is neat and tidy. Look around you – there usually are a lot of things in every room that don't belong there and you should put them in their places. But if you wander from one room to another with just a few things in your hands you will loose precious time and get tired before your spring cleaning even started. Here is a simple trick, that is proven to work – get few big box (carton one will be perfect for your needs) or big bag. Go through the house and collect everything that belong to the living room and take it to the living room. Then repeat this with every room. This will shorten extremely your work for each room. 

Extra tip: You'll notice that after tidying up many lost and/or forgotten possessions will occur. My advice is – get rid of them. You don't need to stuff your house with unnecessary items.  

Doing Laundry isn't this hard nowadays so don't skip it.

retro laundry woman


When you are ready with tidying you will probably want to put away some clothes and shoes that you won't be wearing until next winter. Also you can take the thick blankets and puff bed coverings and store them too. Don't forget to launder everything before put it to the closet. Blankets accumulate dust during the winter and worn clothes could have absorbed unpleasant odours like cigarettes, food or sweat. Even one dirty garment can make your whole closet smell bad.

Another thing to do before you start cleaning is to take of the curtains and decorative pillow cases and launder them too. Some curtains may not be suitable for machine washing, because their fabric can shrink. But curtain cleanup is a must. All window treatments accumulate a lot of dust and you risk re-soiling your clean carpet if you leave the curtains unattended.  

Polish the wooden furniture to prolong its life


Dust and Clean the Surfaces

Follow the rule “from top to bottom” and thoroughly dust bookshelves, tops of the cabinets. You can even vacuum them if you remove small decorations and knick knackers first. You have to dust lamps as well because during the winter they get pretty dirty.

After you're done with dusting make a solution of water and detergent and put it in a bowl or small bucket. Wipe all surfaces with cloth or sponge damped into the solution. You can also use commercial spray detergents for polishing the wooden rafts and cabinets.

Clean the windows. Use glass detergent to polish them. Sometimes windows can get pretty smeared. To avoid this you can use piece of old newspaper instead of sponge or cloth. Leave them wide open for quick drying and also to aerate the house.

Another thing that you need to clean and sanitize are your kitchen appliances. Empty the refrigerator oven and microwave. Spray some detergent on them and let it like this for few minutes. After that rinse with some water and wipe them using clean cloth.  

Clean carpet could be a nice place to rest after the long day, why not?

clean carpet

Clean the Floor

This seems to be the easy task of spring cleaning and it actually might be as long as you don't have carpet. Hard floor is pretty simple to clean, after you picked up everything from the floor and moved the furniture. You just need to vacuum everywhere and mop it with solution made from water and preparation and wait 15-20 minutes to dry.

 But if you do have a rug or carpet situation changes. Your rug is accumulating dirt, dust whole winter. No mater how thoroughly you have vacuum rugs can appear pretty scruffy. The best solution is to wash the carpet. There are specialized carpet shampoos that are pretty much the same as hair shampoo. You have to wet the carpet, rub the detergent and let it work for few minutes. Then you need to extract water and dirt from the carpet. If you don't have water filter vacuum you can rent one.

Renting specialized machines is not so expensive, but in my opinion if you need to spare some money for carpet cleaning you better hire professional company to deal with this procedure for you. Professional cleaners' equipment is more powerful and extracts way more water from the carpet. After the treatment your carpet will dry faster, than if you wash it by yourself. Also you can use some discount and wash the upholstery along with the carpet, many companies offer such packet.

Reward yourself with hot bath after the cleaning

duck bathroom

Finally - Bathroom Cleaning

You may have noticed that I didn't mentioned the bathroom until now. This is, because in my opinion bathroom should be left for the end of cleaning. The reason? Whole day you will constantly need to rinse the cloths that you're cleaning with and to fill bucket that you use to clean the floor with fresh water. You will be going in and out so the best you can do is to clean this are in the end.