Many people create websites without any kind of research on keywords and then complain why they are not very successful in making money online. You have to be 100% serious about doing everything in your power to get to the top of Google rankings, because otherwise there would be no point to start working in the first place.

Most people just create a website, maybe submit it to a number of search engines and hoped that people will start arriving and clicking on advertisements or buying books making you money. Unfortunately it does not work this way.

What is more likely to happen is that you get a very small amount of traffic and perhaps a few clicks on your advertisements, but the money that you make will surely disappoint.

At this point many people just quit or try to make a different website on another topic only to fall into the same trap.

There is a very easy method which you can use which will immediately tell you if you are targetoptimising the wrong keywords. This will tell you, in short 2 minutes of work, if you are very likely to fail or not. Yet, it is surprising how few people use it.

Never forget the basics. What any successful online venture needs is a lot of people searching for what you are offering and weak competitors offering the same thing. This sentence in itself is the fundamental rule of success that many people, even those that know it, forget quite easily and get distracted by numerous other things.

How to know if many people search for your topic or your book? Just use any free keyword tool, such as the one provided by Google and you will, within few minutes know exactly how many people per month search for your keyword. Naturally the initial reaction is to get excited about the highest demand, but that’s where the second part of the formula comes in, which is probably the simplest thing that few people check.

All you have to do is go to Google and just search for your keyword. Somewhere on the page (Google often changes the location with different search engine versions) you will see how many websites Google has found for this keyword. This is your competition. As a beginner, you stand no chance whatsoever to compete against millions of others, so don’t even bother.

So what must you do? Very simple – all you have to do is take some time and find a keyword for which there are a good amount of people searching each month and for which there is relatively less competition. To give you an example, you will very likely fail if 1 million people search for your keyword but there are 20 million competitors compared to the case where maybe only 3000 people search monthly but there are only 10,000 other websites competing.