When you want to get noticeable results from your exercise routines, you must feed your muscles with protein. Muscle tissue will obtain fuel by 'cannibalizing' its own tissue if no other source is available, making it tough to reach the muscle gains that you wish.

Whey protein is one of purest and most widely available sources of protein, which is vital fuel for your muscles. Optimum nutrition protein powder provides energy and increased stamina during your workout so helping muscles to recover faster afterward.

Optimum Nutrition whey protein is rich in whey protein isolates, the purest form of whey protein available. Because of the high level of whey protein isolates found in Gold Standard 100% whey protein, each serving provides twenty-four grams of pure muscle building fuel.

Optimum Nutrition protein powder mixes instantly with the beverage of your choice. It is available in seventeen delicious flavors, from apple pie to caramel toffee and lots more, all of which mix very well with milk.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder Review

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Ingredients of Optimum Nutrition Protein Powder:

  • Whey protein isolates (main ingredient)
  • Higher percentage of pure protein than other whey additions
  • HYDROWHEY whey peptides for ultra-fast action
  • Whey protein micro-fractions
  • Glutamine and precursors
  • BCAAs
  • Mixes straight away
  • Available in one, two, five and ten lbs

For max muscle growth and endurance during exercise, it is critical to provide your muscles with the required fuel. Bolstering your diet with Optimum Nutrition whey protein powder is one of the finest methods to get the most out of your workout sessions.

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