All athletes and weight trainers know that the ingredients best suited for muscle-building is creatine, glutamine, protein, amino acids and BCCAs. Whey is the by-product of cheese manufacture. It is mainly globular proteins. The optimum nutrition whey standard contains these and some more besides this. It contains fat burning substances such as Yohimbe, caffeine, L-carnitine and CLA. This makes them the ideal whey protein powder for people intent on staying fit.


Recognizing the Aim of fitness Programs  

Health programs have some primary objectives in mind. These aims are those that:

  • Burn fat
  • Build Muscles
  • Do both of the above
  • Maintain the physique


The proper ratio of body mass to overall physique is fitness. The calorie counter gives the amount of energy required by a person every single day. By regulating the amount of food that we eat, we can bring about the balance we require for proper health. The person who requires 2200 calories eats 3000 calories of food a day. His body will start to put on weight. On the other hand, if the person consumes only 1500 calories, he will begin to lose weight.


 Role of the Physique

The body-mass index gives the ideal weight measure of the person. If a person is a 5’4’’ tall and weighs 190 pounds, that person will have a Body Mass Index of 32.64. This shows that the person is overweight.

BMI of the person

Overweight or underweight




Normal weight







Keeping the fat down

Two factors govern the amount of fat in our body. The first factor is the amount of calories that we consume daily. The second comprises the use of fat burners such as caffeine and Yohimbe. The metabolism of the person will work to maintain the body mass. Since the fat burns off, the body will try to put on muscle. Muscles will grow through exercises only.


Building Muscles

One realizes the importance of protein powder when one understands that the entire muscle-building and repair work happens because of these proteins. When we exercise, we feel the pain in our muscles. This strain stretches the muscles and in the process, tears the outer strands of the muscles.


This tear gives the expansion space necessary for the muscle to grow. If we overdo our exercises, there is the possibility of permanent damage to the muscles in the body. Muscle will rebuild and this process requires proteins. Whey proteins are the best because of their inherent simple structure. The body absorbs the proteins faster and these will contribute to the muscle-building process immediately.


The rate of development of the muscles is increased. The increased muscle mass will compensate for the body mass that is required. This will prevent fat build up and the person will have a much healthier constitution. Whey proteins contribute to the lean body mass and improves muscle tone immensely.


 Using Supplements

One may improve the diet through supplements. For those who want a better muscle tone, the use of whey supplements to the diet helps. Be sure to take the advice of a professional trainer or your physician before you try any changes to your diet. Whey protein-powder supplements help the muscles to grow, but the exercise regimen needs control to get maximum benefit.