Oracle Model Rocket - The Digital Camera Carrying Rocket

The Oracle Model Rocket - Your Own Airborne Spy Vessel

There are a lot of things about building and flying model rockets that are exciting and fun - assembling the carefully balanced and delicate rocket itself, preparing the recovery wadding to prevent the parachute from burning up, packing the chute, loading the engine and, of course, lift off. The basics of model rocketry are enjoyable in and of themselves, but there are a couple special model rockets that go above and beyond the usual call of duty to give their builders and operators extra joy. One such rocket is the Oracle by Estes. This special model rocket carries a unique payload as far as model rockets go - a digital camera that records the entirety of your rocket's flight from the perspective of the flight deck inside the nose cone. This means you can record, download and save your rocket's flight from the perspective an astronaut riding along inside it would have. The oracle model rocket is about $120, which is surprisingly low when you figure that you're not only getting a large and state of the art model rocket, but also a spy plane all in the same package!

How Does the Oracle Digital Camera Model Rocket Work?

At the very moment your rocket begins to lift off, the onboard digital camera of the Oracle model rocket will begin recording the flight. Accessing and preserving your data is easy, thanks to a conveniently installed USB port right in the nose cone digital camera itself. When you're finished with your rocket flight, you simply take the nose cone and plug it directly into your computer! If you want, you can even bring a laptop to the field you're flying your Oracle model rocket on and download each flight immediately after recovering your rocket.

The Oracle digital camera model rocket can reach max altitudes of around 600ft, which is plenty high to give you an impressive bird's eye view of your surroundings and your model rocket's impressive flight. You can have a lot of fun slightly altering your rocket's angle of attack each time you launch it to record a new flight with its digital camera. That way you can obtain more video data from a large portion of the surrounding area. Just make sure, as always, that your rocket's flight path isn't even close to interfering with or striking anyone else or their property. You are always responsible for where your rocket ends up, even if you didn't mean for it to hit something.

When it comes to flying your Oracle digital camera model rocket, you'll want to be sure to use recovery wadding. Even if you've pushed your luck before on basic model rocket types without using any recovery wadding, don't take that risk when you're flying your considerably more expensive Oracle model rocket. You could end up damaging the digital camera nose cone! Remember to follow basic rocketry safety procedures and happy flying!