Top 3 features of the Oral B 550 electric toothbrush

Is the Oral B 550 the best buy in a sea of electric toothbrushes?

Oral B 550

Unlike more expensive, high-end models, the Braun Oral B 550 does not include advanced features like a pressure sensor. That said, it is a great value buy for most people: it comes from a reputable brand. Not only it has an assured build quality, but you'll also be able to easily find replacement toothbrush heads online.

Oral B 550 top 3 features

1 – 3D Cleaning Technology
75% of dentists recommend an electric toothbrush.. sonic waves or not! The 3D Cleaning Technology is not as advanced as the more expensive sonic care, but it is still markedly superior to any manual model. You'll get most of the benefits of an electric toothbrush, for a much lower price than higher end models.

2 – two minute timer
The two minute timer is a huge advantage. It's a great example of seamless integration of technology into an everyday object to make it better! In a way, it makes a little game out of brushing your teeth, and really helps you (or your kids) keep brushing for the full two minutes, by having a little stop-start in the vibrations every thirty seconds. This is intended to help you brush 1/4 of the teeth for 30 seconds each, for example 30 seconds on top right, 30 seconds on bottom right, 30 seconds on top left, 30 seconds on bottom left.

3 – inductive charging
The inductive charging makes it easy to charge the battery without much effort. Just rest it on the charger, no need to be scared of water touching any open electrical bits! It works very well!


What's missing: a pressure sensor
Some people have problems knowing how hard to brush, and this model does not include a pressure sensor. This sensor makes it really easy to determine if you should be brushing harder or softer. If you find you have white spots in your teeth, this may be due to brushing too hard, so be sure to speak to your dentist and check if you should buy a model with a pressure sensor instead. The Professional Care 2000 is the model to go for in this case.


Be sure to look out for good deals on replacement toothbrush heads online. You will also find third party replacements, but although these are cheaper, they often not as durable, so make sure to check and compare the priced for either before you buy!

Finally, note that this toothbrush is only available in Europe. In the US market, the equivalent model is the Braun Oral B Vitality.