Should I Buy an Oral B 1000 or 4000?

The following brief and objective comparison account will be comparing the two very well regarded Oral B electric toothbrushes -- the Precision 1000 Vs Precision 4000 - ultimately highlighting both their differences and similarities amongst features & specifications, giving you a clear understanding and insight as to what both models can offer you. Hence, from this, you will be able to easily identify which model is best suited for you dental cleaning needs (as well as which provides you with the best overall value for money with respect to their price tags).

Fitted Technology

Precision 1000: 'Basic' Pulsating & Oscillating Technology | 3 D Movement

Precision 4000: 'Advanced' Pulsating & Oscillating Technology | 3 D Movement

The difference in this regard is that the pro 1000 performs: 20, 000 pulsations per minute in addition to 8,800 oscillations/rotations every minute (which is what the '3D movement' refers to -- the oscillating, rotating and pulsating occurring together), whereas the pro 4000 produces 'doubles' that with: 40,000 pulsations  along with the same 8,800 rotations & oscillations every minute. All this effectively means is that the 4000 is better at breaking down plaque (removing 99.7% of plaque compared to 97% with the 1000) and removing them with the brush strokes performed -- hence offers a better, healthier cleaning experience for you.

Important Note: numerous clinical studies (independent, non Oral B endorsed e.g. Robinson et al., 2005) have gone on to prove that not only i) Oral B toothbrushes are more effective than manual ones, but ii) they are also superior to other branded power toothbrushes as well.

Cleaning Performance

Precision 1000: Reduce Plaque | Whitening | Brushing |

Precision 4000: Reduce Plaque | Whitening (& Mode) | Hard Brushing | Sensitive | Massage |

From the above, we already know they are both effective (with the latter being more so) at removing plaque as well as whitening (through the removal of stains) your teeth. However, the toothbrushes also inform you of when you are brushing too hard (essentially carrying out an ineffective/harmful clean) -- and they will both just stop the pulsations when you are doing so (the 4000 also has a visual light indicator warning you too). 

Moreover, the 4000 also comes with three specific customized modes:

  • 'Whitening' mode: acts to polish your teeth, to give them a more luminous appeal.
  • 'Sensitive' mode: reduces the power and makes it softer -- allowing it to be more tolerable for those who have particularly sensitive teeth or gums.
  • 'Massage' mode: acts directly on your gums to stimulate them, this in turn acts to prevent and treat gum issues (through a massaging effect) -- basically to help you with providing quality gum care.

Practical Features

Precision 1000: 7 Days Run Time | Timer | Charge Indicator (Visual) |

Precision 4000:  10 Days Run Time | Timer | Charge Indicator (Visual) |

The 4000 model can last up to an extra 3 days (which is roughly an additional 6 - 7 uses) from a single charge (from the charging/storage station provided), which probably makes it more ideal for those who travel a lot (they have a battery gauge -- detailing its condition and whether it needs charging soon). Moreover, they have an internal timer that encourages yet further proper dental cleaning habits by making sure you clean for the full recommended 2 mins (and an audible beep every 30 seconds instructing you to change quadrant -- to get a well distributed clean).

Brush Heads

Precision 1000: Oral B Precision Clean Brush Head | Bristle Indicator |

Precision 4000: Oral B Floss Action Brush Head | Bristle Indicator |

Oral B have designed their tooth brush heads with leading dental professionals and have come up with a unique rounded and contoured shape (inspired by actual dental tools) to perfectly fit the curvature of your teeth allowing the user to carry out an effective tooth-by-tooth clean (as well as also coming with an indicator to let you know when they need replacing which is around every 12 weeks). 

Furthermore, Oral B offer a range of various types of brush heads so you can customise (and address oral concerns) your cleaning experience even further. For instance, you will notice that the Precision Clean (1000)Brush head is the standard version, whereas (the version that comes with the 4000 is) the Floss Action is more geared specifically towards plaque removal, gum health and operates with "micropulse bristles" to get to difficult areas. Other versions include the 'sensitive' brush heads that come with extra soft bristles to help those with sensitive teeth/gums. Note: make sure you have an established compatibility with your version toothbrush with the corresponding head.

Further Information

Warranty Information

Each model is backed by a two year (24 month) coverage program incl. parts and labour costs (and a 2 month money back guarantee scheme).

Dimensions & Weight

1000 - 4.4 x 10 x 2.2 inches | 13 ounces | -- 4000 - 10.4 x 9.4 x 3.2 inches | 1 pounds |

What's in the Box (package)?

Precision 1000 - "1 handle, 1 charger, and 1 Precision Clean, refill brush head."

Precision 4000 - "1 handle, 1 charger, 1 ProWhite refill brush head, 1 refill stand, and 1 travel case"

Average Review Rating (sourced

Precision 1000: 4.4 out of 5 stars (88%) from 1,100 + reviews.

Precision 4000: 4.3 out of 5 stars (86%) from 400 + reviews.

Conclusion: Should You Buy an Oral B 1000 or Oral B 4000?

Clearly the 4000 model offers you a higher quality oral clean (which is expected really) -- and for me, although the 1000 is actually less than half the price -- I would still go for the 4000 on the basis of it offering a superior dental clean. This is not to say the 1000 is by any means a bad toothbrush, it is actually very good and for the price of under $50, it offers exceptional value. But, for me I think it is worth going to a $100 to get an excellent cleaning toothbrush - that offers some of the best possible oral (professional) like cleaning  -- which the 4000 is and does.

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Which Oral B Precision Electric Toothbrush Will You Buy & Why?

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