Should I Buy an Oral B 3000 or 5000?

Are you trying to see if the extra $30 or $50 for the oral b precision 5000 is warranted in comparison to the precision 3000? Or are just wanting some general clarification in the differences between the two models? If 'yes' to either -- the following comparison guide of the Oral B 3000 vs 50000 -- should be able to help you, through carrying out a detailed break down comparison of aspects & features, highlighting differences and similarities between the two models, from which you will get a clear idea as to which model is right for you & your dental cleaning needs.

Fitted Technology

Precision 3000: 'Advanced' Pulsating & Oscillating Technology

Precision 5000: 'Advanced' Pulsating & Oscillating Technology

Each model is shares the same advanced (and #1 recommended) brushing 3D technology -- where they perform in just 60 seconds - 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 combined oscillations and rotations (brush strokes), which is 50% more 'movements' than other leading sonic technologies (e.g. Philips' sonicare). This in turn offers you an incredibly high quality dental clean - resulting in a ultra effective removal of plaque (up to 99.7%), a significant improvements in gum care treatment - in the case of prevention and healing (again clinically proven to be better than Sonicare 'Flexcare') and great results on whitening (through wine/coffee/tea stain removal).

Important Note: Also be sure to check out the non-Oral B endorsed 'independent clinical studies' (e.g. Robinson PG et al., 2005) that prove that not only is the Oral B electric toothbrush superior to manual brushes for better oral cleaning but also other leading power brushes.

Cleaning Performance

Precision 3000: Reduce Plaque | Whitening (& Mode) | Hard Brushing | Sensitive |

Precision 5000: Reduce Plaque | Whitening (& Mode) | Hard Brushing | Sensitive | Massage | 3x Pressure Control | Deep Clean | SmartGuide

In order to ensure an optimal and proper clean both toothbrushes are installed with 'pressure' indicators to make sure you aren't brushing too hard -- where they will light up to give you a warning and cut out pulsating if you continue (with the 5000 it also tells you through the smartguide).

Furthermore, they also offer specific 'cleaning' modes for you to treat certain oral problems you might have -- such as the whitening mode: where the toothbrush acts to polish your teeth, making them gleam more, sensitive mode: reducing power intensity, making it more comfortable to clean for those with sensitive teeth etc. The 5000 comes with an additional two modes: i) massage - which basically stimulates gums, encouraging quality gu health and care and ii) deep clean - extending the original 2 minutes to a more thorough 3 minute complete oral cleansing.

Note: when Oral B refer to the 'triple pressure control' - they are basically stating the brush has three indicators telling you that you are brushing too hard, as said: i) pulsations stop, ii) visible indicator on the toothbrush and iii) wireless smart guide (more on that below).

Practical Features

Precision 3000:  7 Days Run Time | Timer | Charge Indicator (Visual) |

Precision 5000: 10 Days Run Time | Timer | Charge Indicator (Visual) | Smart Guide/ Digital Clock | 

As you can see the 5000 is able to run for an extra three days (which translates into approximately 6 uses i.e morning & night) from one 24 hour charge - which is obviously a point to consider (especially for those who do a lot of travelling - or are after energy efficiency). You can keep tabs on the condition of the battery through its visible battery gauge -- so you know when it is due for a recharge. They also have self integrated timer - that makes sure you switch quadrants every 30 seconds (and hence in total completing the recommended 2 minute clean). With the 5000 it also comes with a cordless wall mountable smart guide - which is basically a virtual dental assistant (lets you know if you're brushing too hard, how long to brush for etc.).

Brush Heads

Precision 3000: Oral B Precision Clean Brush Head | Bristle Indicator |

Precision 5000: Oral B Floss Action Brush Head | Bristle Indicator |

Every Oral B brush head has been professionally crafted to ensure for the most optimal clean -- this why they have a natural round curve to them (like you see with dental tools) that fit to the curved shape of your tooth, this in turn allows for a more effective clean (for removing plaque etc.). The brushes also come with a bristle indicator to let you know when the brush heads have become worn & no longer decent for use (where they usually last up to 100 days - 3 months).

You will have also noticed that  the Oral B 3000 and 5000 come with slightly different brush heads - this is because Oral B offer a wide range of cleaning brushes that perform slightly different cleaning jobs from one another (giving you an even more specialised & customised clean). Where the 'precision clean' is actually for 'precision' tooth-by tooth cleaning and with the floss action brush head that comes  installed with microfibre bristles that can get into more difficult to reach areas (like you would with flossing). Others include the Ortho which is used particularly by those who have braces, the 'sensitive' that has extra soft bristles fitted and the pro-white that is specially designed for removing stains -- and many more.

Further Information

Warranty Information

Oral B offer an industry standard warranty of 2 years (i.e a 24 month period from the date of purchase) as well as a money guarantee (if you are dissatisfied with the product).

Dimensions & Weight

3000 - 4.4 x 10 x 2.2 inches | 14 ounces | -- 5000  - 8.7 x 10.4 x 3.2 inches ; 2.1 pounds

What's in the Box (package)?

Precision 3000 - 1 handle, 1 charger, 1 Precision Clean refill brush head, and 1 refill stand.

Precision 5000 - 1 handle, 1 charger, 1 Floss Action refill brush head, 1 refill stand, 1 travel case, and 1 smartguide.

Average Review Rating (sourced

Precision 3000: 4.4 out of 5 stars (88%) from 400 + reviews.

Precision 5000: 4.5 out of 5 stars (90%) from 1,000 + reviews.

Conclusion: Should You Buy an Oral B 3000 or Oral B 5000?

The way that the 5000 edges the 3000 is basically in terms of just offering an additional cleaning mode (the massage aspect - to stimulate gum and promote general gum health care --- and also with the deep clean you could actually technically just do with the 3000, by going for longer) as well as it lasting for an extra 3 days or so, a specialised smart guide (that doubles up as a digital clock) and advanced toothbrush heads (giving you a certain edge in oral performance) -- all for just an extra $35 - which to me is worth it, even if its just for the extra gum care mode it offers (admittedly, however I am a bit of a health freak).


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Furthermore, if you have any questions, remarks or any issues/concerns/problems with either the comparison article of the -- Oral B precision 3000 vs 5000 or about either model specifically (e.g. clarification over the features of the 5000 toothbrush) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.