The Oral B Triumph 5000 (recently re-branded as the Professional Care SmartSeries 5000) gets impressive reviews. On Amazon over eighty percent of the two-hundred plus reviewers give it five stars. Moreover, ninety-three percent of all the reviews are 4 or 5 stars. It is likely the top rated rechargeable toothbrush on the market.

There are a couple of things that the reviewers really seem to like when it comes to the Oral B Triumph. Let's see why it is so popular:

1) It's Smiley - The Oral B SmartSeries 5000 is sold with a small companion device known as the "SmartGuide." The SmartGuide is in essence a digital timer that activates once you start brushing your teeth. It lets you know how much time you have spent brushing each quadrant of your mouth - suggesting 30 seconds per quadrant to meet the full dentist recommended two minutes of brushing. It also signals you if you're brushing too hard.

Oral B Triumph 5000 (33881)

After you've brushed for 2 minutes the device displays a smiley face. After three minutes of brushing, the device starts winking at you. While some people think this is gimmicky, a number of other reviewers say that they really love the "cute" smiley and winking. They yearn for the positive reinforcement that they receive from the smiley, and reviewers observe that it genuinely motivates them to keep brushing for a full two minutes. This is a great example of how simple but thoughtful product design can really improve customer experience.

2) That "Professional Clean" Feeling - Several reviewers also say that they feel like their teeth are getting a professional cleaning when they brush with the Oral B Triumph 5000. One reviewer calls the experience "Spa Dente" making the brushing feel almost glamorous and something that you would not expect to receive at home. Other people say that it leaves their teeth feeling "super clean and smooth." This feeling builds further on the value of the Oral B Triumph 5000 and lets you experience it physically.

3) Dentist Approved - One of the most convincing things for reviewers is definetly "dentist approval." Many reviews note that their dentist either recommended the toothbrush or noticed a significant improvement in the health of their teeth and gums soon after they started brushing with it. Gaining the approval of one of the most highly respected authorities in oral hygiene (i.e. dentists) seems to seriously drive home the power of the Oral B Triumph 5000.

So I hope you've enjoyed hearing about the Oral B SmartSeries 5000 and what makes consumers tick when it comes to oral hygiene products. Best of luck keeping all those pearly whites clean!