Oral chelation is a safe method you can use to remove toxic heavy metals from the body. A food, nutrient, herb or supplement that can bind with toxic heavy metals in our cells and remove them from the body is called a chelator. These chelators form the basis of oral chelation therapy. In the case of serious heavy metal toxicity, a doctor my administer intravenous chelation therapy. Unlike oral chelation, intravenous chelation needs to be conducted in a medical setting and supervised by a doctor.

Parsley and cilantro are great foods for heavy metal detox

Toxic heavy metal detox programs are increasing in popularity as awareness and understanding of their harmful effects becomes more widespread. Although the effects of gross toxic heavy metal levels in the body have been easy to see and diagnose, the effects of trace amounts of heavy metals in our cells are now coming to light too. Alzheimer's disease and other degenerative cognitive disorders are strongly linked to the presence of toxic heavy metal deposits in brain tissue, especially aluminum. Lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic are the other main contenders.

Another main issue with trace levels of toxic heavy metals in our cells is oxidative damage. Heavy metals act as free radicals in the body. Free radicals are harmful unstable oxygen molecules that damage neighboring cells that they come into contact with. This damage is known as oxidation and creates inflammation that can lead to degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and premature aging. So even trace amounts of heavy metals in our tissues are constantly causing oxidative damage and putting our bodies into an unhealthy condition known as oxidative stress. It is no wonder that that more and more people are interested in undertaking a toxic heavy metal detox!

Fortunately we have oral chelation therapy which can be of great benefit and help prevent us from developing degenerative diseases. The following foods and nutrients are all great chelators that we can use everyday. Parsley and cilantro are excellent chelators. Research conducted in Korea found that cilantro had a profound effect upon removing mercury from the body. This was of great benefit to those people participating in the study who had higher than normal levels in their bodies of mercury. These people just had amalgam dental fillings removed, a process which releases a lot of mercury into the body. So cilantro was their saving grace! You can buy high dose cilantro supplements to increase this effect above and beyond eating the fresh herb.

Alfalfa liquid or tablets detoxify the liver and chelates toxins out of the body.

Apple pectin and rutin supplements are great chelators. They bind with toxic heavy metals in the colon so they can be removed in the feces.

Garlic tablets are excellent chelators and detoxifiers and are available non-odorless.

Non-denatured whey protein powder is an excellent supplement for detox, but ensure it is non-denatured. Non-denatured whey protein powder has been proven to increase glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is our 'master antioxidant' and it cannot be taken in supplement form because digestive acid destroys it. However, glutathione is made naturally in the body if we have a good supply of the amino acids needed to synthesis it and whey protein supplies these amino acids in abundance. You can also boost glutathione levels with immunocal. Glutathione is an effective detoxifying agent because it is responsible for cell homeostasis. It removes unwanted substances out of cells, such as toxic heavy metals, and ensures that the correct minerals are provided instead. You can also boost glutathione levels with immunocal.