The coating on your tongue can be thrush

What is thrush?

Mouth infection that takes place because of the over growth of a fungus called Candida is called Oral Thrush. Thrush in adults can be seen around mouth corners, as white coating on tongue or may be yellow coating on tongue, around throat, palate and the inside portion of cheeks.

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    Even babies get infected by thrush, especially the new born infants. This happens if the mother during the time of delivery possessed a yeast infection in her vagina. The child can have the thrush symptoms anytime after a week from birth. Though medicines do help a few people, most people are just plain baffled with this problem - however I do have a solution for you near the end of the article. I will give you all the information and then your treatment will be your decision.

    In case of older children and even in adults, diseases and certain drugs are major cause of thrush that results often in white coated  tongue/ yellow coated tongue. Those who are undergoing steroid therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or are on antibiotic treatment for a prolonged period of time tend to lose their immunity. This triggers thrush in adults. Basically our mouth contains some bacteria that cease the growth of Candida. But once these bacteria are killed owing to antibiotics or any heavy dose treatment; the chances of thrush increases. Even people who have less saliva are vulnerable to oral thrush.

    Even diabetes patients, malnourished or low immunity people, elderly and HIV infected people are likely to develop oral thrush.

    How long thrush stays?

    It may take a couple of week to treat adverse kind of oral thrush infection if medical aid is taken.


    Antibiotics help a lot in preventing thrush. If detected on time, your dentist can treat all signs of mouth infection. In case of infants developing thrush, the pregnant ladies should help get rid of any kind of infection in vagina.

    Those patients who have low immunity owing to the medication they are taking, anti fungal drugs are a major way to avoid developing thrush.


    Medicines like Nystatin, Clotrimazole, Fluconazole and Ketoconazole are anti fungal medications that doctors often prescribe for quick results. If the case of oral thrush is mild, they often prescribe Nystatin suspensions. It can easily be swallowed. Also Clotrimazole is an important drug that can be easily dissolved.

    In severe cases of infection, fluconazole is given to the patient. The medicine has to be taken for at least a week. If the infection still surface, the doctor extend the medication for up to ten days as well. Even Ketoconazole can be prescribed in such cases. For treating the mouth corners nystatin ointment is given.

    Once oral thrush in adults is treated, the doctors often change the medication to mild drugs in order to ensure that it does not reoccur. The drugs prescribed by doctors dry mouth of the patients and thus they are told to have plenty of water. Other than there are also several other side effects of the medicines. It is always better to go for a natural and holistic method, most importantly because only a natural method can help you eliminate the root cause of the problem and avoid all future recurrences. Read more about Oral Thrush Causes And Treatments.