The mouth is subject to a wide assortment of infections including oral thrush. And that takes place due to of an overgrowth of a fungus called Candida. When oral thrush occurs in adults it can be most visible around the corners of the mouth, and as a whitish coating on the tongue or it may appear as a yellow appearing coating on the surface of the tongue, also around the inside of the throat, on the palate and also on the inside of ones cheeks.


Oral Thrush is treatable and if the treatment is done properly and before the body becomes resistant to the various antibiotics that conventional treatment prescribes, a lot of pain can be avoided. See how you can use the 3 DAY ORAL THRUSH CURE to cure your oral thrush.

Oral Thrush can be a problem for any age from newborn to senior citizens

Even babies may be subject to infection a thrush fungus, especially newly born infants. This can happen if the baby’s mother had a vaginal yeast infection when she gave birth. Thrush symptoms can be noticed at anytime, and usually develop approximately one week after birth. Though medications are available to help most people, it can be a long and trying condition to overcome as some fungal infections may require trying several medicines before finding just the right one to fight it off. Wiping the inside of a young infants mouth with a moistened clean cloth may soothe them and if breast feeding the mothers nipples must be cleansed using an antifungal medication.

Older children as well as adults may find that certain diseases and drugs can be a major or contributory cause of thrush. The results are often seen as a white coating or even a yellow coating on the tongue. Adults undergoing chemotherapy, steroid therapy, are on antibiotic treatment, or some form of radiotherapy over a prolonged time period often tend to lose much of their immunity ability. This can often trigger thrush symptoms in adults. The human mouth actually contains certain bacteria that will stop the growth of Candida fungus. However once these bacteria have been killed off due to heavy use of antibiotics (in an attempt to fight off thrush) they cannot protect the mouth against further infections. Many people who produce less saliva in their mouth are susceptible to oral thrush. Diabetic patients, those who are malnourished or have low immunity levels as well as the elderly and even those who suffer from HIV are more likely to develop oral thrush.

What works best to combat thrush?

Denture wearers who develop symptoms of thrush must keep their mouth and dentures as clean as possible and that means removing them each night at bed time. Scrub dentures thoroughly with a new clean toothbrush and soak them overnight using chlorhexidine available at your pharmacy. Use of a denture cleaner (soak them overnight) then rinse them thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth. Gentian violet in a 1% solution is often effective in treating thrush. It is a dye which kills fungi and bacteria and requires no prescription and if this is to be used on a child check with a doctor first. Thrush can be an uncomfortable condition in the mouth so drink plenty of cold liquids, eat ice cream, custard, or gelatin and use a straw if there are painful patches inside the mouth. Rinsing with warm salt water can prove soothing in many cases. Try one teaspoon of table salt mixed in eight ounces of warm water and swish it around inside the mouth.

Antibiotics can help in the cure of thrush but caution must be taken to not build up immunity through over extended use of antibiotics. There are many available anti fungal drugs available over the counter that can benefit those who develop thrush. It may take trying a few to find just the right remedy to work in a particular case. Those who have proven susceptible to fungal infections such as thrush need to be aware and keep their mouth clean, teeth thoroughly brushed, keep the mouth well hydrated (drink plenty of fluids), and don’t smoke! Read more about oral thrush, prevention and its treatment OR you can try this tested and extremely effective 3 Day Oral Thrush Cure.