You heard it right - orange bedding. This vibrant, energetic color makes an excellent addition to practically any bed ensemble. Orange is simply such a bold, alternative and unique color; muted, more neutral colors can even come alive given the orange treatment. Once held almost in contempt among individuals for its bold and daring presence, orange is more than ever a recommended color to perfectly compliment your bed and bedroom.

Just like its citric cousin, orange in a bedroom has the ability to immediately infuse abundant life into a bedroom that may be otherwise well, blasé. Among the range of pleasing, energetic orange hues and shades, a variety of bedroom coordinates can be inspired from orange. For adults with more mature tastes, colors such as Tuscany, Southwestern and Italian will not only cater to a more sophisticated style, but also inject life and passion into the overall scheme. Orange/Brown mixtures reminisce of 18th Century kings and queens' chambers, and tropical oranges combined with such palettes as deep purple or fluorescent pink create a light, fun and airy experience.

The possibilities with orange are nearly endless. The shades, styles, mixes and functions are also widely varied. In addition to inspiring aesthetics, orange can also have a function: that orange is a very gender-neutral color. This versatility allows planning a young child's room a snap! Bright, vivid tangerine, for example, is certain to please almost all children and young adults. Shades of spice, cocoa and Tuscany properly executed will boast an aura of subdued sophistication, and a palette of rust, orange, and deep purple will certainly evoke a sense of mystery and depth.

Finally, it's important to keep the colors of your bedding, furniture and walls in harmonious contrast. With that said, you would be surprised at how many different color combinations work with orange. Designers have even used "burnt" orange in designing bedding, carpeting and even paint. This, of course, highly favors the Southwestern ranch-style house. Orange is also used to bring out and enhance neutral colors, particularly in brown elements. Whatever your fancy is, though, this tangy color is going to liven up your room and add some potentially missing flair. As previously noted, orange bedding tends to be a more alternative, unique style for those that do not always follow the mainstream, yet want to take pride in their own design and possibly even start a trend of their own! If you are one of those people, an orange bed ensemble will make a fantastic choice.