Orange bedrooms are cheerful and can work for all different genders and ages when done correctly. It will give your home a crisp, modern feel for an easy update if used correctly. When used incorrectly an orange bedroom can feel overwhelming and the last place that you'd want to spend time. Here is how to decorate with different shades of this color successfully.

Orange BedroomCredit: FreeRange Stock Photo

You might cringe when you first think of an orange bedroom. The key is to keep things chic and simple. This will save you money and can make a small room look larger. You don't need a lot of "stuff" to be a decorator. It's just a matter of using what you do have to your advantage and showcasing the best features of your space.

Decide just how orange you want to go. You could paint the walls a delicate peach, or go with a vivid orange the color of fruit. This all depends on the size of your room, your personal design style and the light in your space. The darker or brighter you decide to go the more work you'll have to put into creating a balanced space. For instance, if you want bright orange walls you're going to have to bring in a lot of neutral colors. Don't even try to match orange to another color, that's enough color for one space. You might need to paint wood floors white. You'll also want to repaint the ceiling, trim and doors in the room a bright white. I know, I know they are already white, but they need to look like the color was intentional. This will give it a modern look. Keep the rest of your artwork, window treatments and bedding bright white to help break up the orange.Orange BedroomsCredit: FreeRange Stock Photo

Orange is an unusual color for a teen bedroom. However, it is cheerful so it may be a way for your girl to show off her personality. Keep things looking happy with hot pink accents. Your teen can even try her hand at painting. Give her over sized canvases and tell her to go to town, even if she doesn't think she's an artist. She could paint orange and pink polka dots or stripes. She could try an ombre effect where the shades come together. She could even just go with a modern art spatter technique. The advantage to making your own artwork is that it makes colors that usually don't match still work together.

You might be worried about an orange bedroom just because it doesn't seem subtle. Try going with an orange that has a lot of gray tones in it. It will just look like a deeper shade of peach but will still have plenty of personality. Then you can mix it with other colors with lots of gray in them like subtle yellows or taupe.

You can use this color in a traditional or elegant setting. Use more of a burnt orange that won't be so in your face. Then you can add in dark wood furniture and rich suede fabrics on the bed. You can even try using wallpaper on just one wall and keep the rest of the walls a neutral taupe.

It doesn't take a lot of orange to make a big impact. If you have a gray or white bedroom you might just want to cheer things up and show off your personality. Hang up orange curtains or just go with a new duvet cover. An orange and white print will still tie in with the rest of the room but adds personality without spending a lot of money.

You might want a nursery that isn't your typical room. You can even make it flow with the rest of your home for a contemporary look. You don't have to decorate a kid's room with lots of alphabet letters or teddy bears. However, color can affect mood so you don't want the walls keeping your kid awake at night. So it's probably a good idea to use orange accessories and then tone down the rest of the room. Green and orange work well together but it might remind you of a pumpkin. Use a subtle green against a brighter orange to counteract this effect. You can also be inspired by nature. Instead of cutesy wallpaper borders paint a Georgia O'Keeffe inspired poppy on one wall incorporating a lot of different oranges. You might even be able to find a dramatic wall sticker that will save you the trouble of painting.

Orange is common in Tuscan design because it brings in a lot of warmth. For an elegant look find silk drapes that almost look like bronze. You can also find wood tones that have a hint of orange to them. This is especially true of elegant inlayed pieces. Then you can just bring in your favorite prints of the Italian countryside. This creates a neutral room that still has orange in it. It will appear soft but also have personality and be an inviting place to spend time.

You can bridge the gap between design styles and likes and dislikes between spouses just by using paint. For instance, you might want a rustic country room and he wants a more modern look. Enter orange. Try bringing in rich wood beams and furniture with a distressed finish. Keep the color palette as neutral as possible with browns, taupes, and very subtle burnt oranges. He gets that modern color and doesn't have to sleep in a frilly room. At the same time you create a space where you are comfortable as well.

Peach bedrooms were popular in the 1980's so you may have vowed to never look at them again. They do have a place because you get a soft color without being as feminine as using pink. You could even use different shades of peach to form a faux stone wall effect in a little girl's room for a castle theme. It can also create a subtle, but beautiful nursery. Use peach for girls instead of pink; it will still match all that white furniture and all those pink toys and clothes you'll get at the baby shower.