Orange kitchen design shows that you aren't afraid of bold colors. You may even have to live with some of the previous homeowner's color choices and you don't know how to work around orange. Orange is one of those colors that you either love or hate. With a little balance and texture you can learn to love orange or just showcase how interesting and even soothing orange kitchen design can be.

Orange kitchen accessories can add color to your room if you're afraid of making more permanent changes. You can also look to copper to provide an orange color palette that will become weathered. This way you'll be able to pick the greens and oranges from the patina after it has aged. You can apply copper to the front of cabinets for a unique and shimmering way to reface cabinets. You can even apply copper to the countertops but you may have difficulties with keeping them clean and food safe. Instead, try an orange copper range hood and accent tiles. A hammered copper sink will be the centerpiece of the room. Pair it with stone tiles in various oranges and grays and use oil rubbed bronze faucets and cabinet knobs in the room. You can also hang copper pans on the wall or install a pot rack to show off your copper cookware. You may even be able to find copper tiles to put on the ceiling for a vintage effect with character.

If you're going with an almost neon color orange bring in white or cream to really cut down on the brightness. You may even want to install wall paneling or beadboard at least half way up or three quarter the way up on the wall so the orange color doesn't take over the room.

Orange kitchen cabinets have a contemporary look and you can bring a bold design style into an otherwise bland kitchen. Brown is actually just deep orange, so you can put orange cabinets with more neutral tile work and floors. You can make orange more sophisticated by going with amber glass pendant lights and dark hardwood floors. You can even pay homage to retro kitchens with a sunburst clock; just keep the rest of the surfaces modern so your room doesn't become dated.

If you're scared of the color orange but want to warm up your room, then try a different color stain. No one will look twice at an orange hardwood floor and it won't be as blaring as orange paint. However, it will warm up the room and add subtle color to your space. This is a great way to bring orange into a traditional room. If you want to go bold then consider the colors of a sunset; purple, orange and pink. You can even bring orange into your room by enlarging some of your favorite photos that showcase orange in nature.

Orange can work in theme decorating alongside many different design styles. If you are going with a Spanish or Mexican theme kitchen pull out the terra cotta paint so your walls will simulate stucco. This is a great theme if you're trying to save money, just go with cobalt blue accent tile. Invest in a more expensive tile mural over the stove top that brings in both the orange and blue. Orange is also common in Tuscan design but you'll need to tone it down. You can rub a brown glaze over orange walls to take away the brightness. Look for tiles with a subtle peach tone and accent with lots of wood cabinets and a kitchen island. Accessorize with pottery and opulent kitchen rugs that showcase green, orange and cream.

Orange kitchens were popular in retro design but that doesn't mean it has to look like grandma's house. They key is to relate the color back to nature and use it sparingly. Skip the harvest gold or avocado appliances and create space in the room for the eye to rest such as using taupe, brown, cream, gold, and white throughout the room. You can make orange modern by sticking with clean lines and pairing it with the brightest white paint you can find. Orange countertops can become dated quickly so instead look for natural stones that compliment orange or have flecks of orange in them instead of going with laminate. You can turn your floor orange and save money at the same time. Invest in some concrete stain; it's common to create a tile effect with a wash of various oranges and browns. The orange won't be the dominate color but it will be present.

One of the easiest ways to add orange to a room is with lighting. You'll be able to change it out easily but you'll still be able to use a trendy color. You can find antique stained glass fixtures that look like stars for a subtle orange touch. You can also find paper lampshades for a Spanish kitchen that have a tile effect on them. For a modern room hang paper lanterns in the breakfast nook, just be sure that they are out of the way of grease. Since orange is such a powerful color you don't want to overdo it. You can make a white kitchen interesting by just painting your kitchen stools or chairs orange.

Contemporary kitchen ideas combine bold colors with natural elements which is perfect for orange kitchen design. Look for how orange is used in nature. You can base your kitchen around citrus or even natural stone. Orange is a common color in granite for an elegant look. You'll also see orange in slate tile. You can pull the gray of the tile into stainless steel appliances and choose a rust color for the walls. Tie it all together with wood beams, bowls, furniture and floors.
Orange isn't just for Halloween or fruit. You can use it to design a unique kitchen that makes a big impact. Orange is a cheerful color that can help wake you up in the morning and help you stay happy throughout the day.