The Orange lipstick trend seems to getting more popular these days. Cosmetic companies are coming out with more vivid, eye-catching shades of lipstick than ever before. In the past, women considered lip color shades like dark brown or deep plum as very risky and racy colors to wear.

Orange Lips Make A Bold StatementWhen I saw the bright orange shade of this lipstick, I was floored. That may be one of the reasons why bright orange lipstick continues to gain popularity at the cosmetics counter. Looking at the shock value of orange lips, this color is likely a favorite for women who want to stand out in a crowd.

Is a bright, in-your-face lipstick color like this wearable for everyone? I would say no. If you have a conservative job working in a bank or you want to maintain an aura of serious professionalism, bright orange lips may be hard to pull off. On the other hand, if you want to be noticed by members of the opposite sex, nothing says it louder than hot-orange lips. Wearing bright orange lipstick is not for the shy, wall-flower type girl.

Women have been using cosmetics for thousands of years to make themselves more alluring to the opposite sex. If red lips signal to a man that a woman is "hot' and sexy, what message will a man get when he sees bright orange lips on a woman?

Every color that a human sees causes some type of an emotional response. The color orange represents happiness, positive thinking, energy, and enthusiasm. Not bad for a lip color. Whatever a man may think about orange lips, he will have to admit that this girl is not afraid to be different.

Maybe that's why orange lipstick trends are on the rise. After all the basic colors that have been around for years, a bright orange lip shade is something fun and different. Women love experimenting with cosmetics. As the lipstick color shades available grow larger and larger, make-up addicts will have more lip colors to experiment with.

Bright Orange lips a little too racy for your taste? Try Peach Lip Gloss instead.

Photo Credit: Orangewill Gallery's(Noamie, Newton, MA, Flikr: Orange Lipstick And Orange Nail Polish Is The New Trend) CC By 2.0