Orange is the New Black Title

Orange is the New Black is a great Netflix original series created by Jenji Kohan and stars Taylor Shilling[1]. It is very addictive and I watched the whole series in two days. It is a drama-comedy about former drug mule Piper Chapman getting put in prison ten years after her aforementioned muleing. While watching this show I enjoyed the flashbacks explaining the prisoners various orgin stories.

Warning spoilers from here onward! Now that we  have that out of the way I can explain and dissect other parts of the series. I love how the Piper/Alex relationship evolves. We see from flashbacks that they used to be lovers but then broke it off and parted ways. Later when Piper meets up with Alex in jail she wants nothing to do with her. She slowly turns to Alex for comfort and falls into the same pattern she is used to. Meanwhile Larry (Piper's fiance) finds out about this and decides to take a break.

Pennsatucky is my favorite character just because she has one of the best backstories and is a very good person to kick start the episodes turning point. The use of race in the show is also very interesting because it shows how people who are all more or less the same find comfort in recognizing differences. When Taystee comes back she has a very good reason but the reunion with her friend is very touching. My favorite origin story is yoga Jones' because it is very unexpected from her appearance and her view on life. By now I have talked mostly about prison life in the show but not that much about the outside world. Which brings me to.....

The Outside World

Larry Orange is the New Black

Larry is an interesting character because he has a long time to react and think between updates from Piper. I also love his interactions with Piper's brother because from what I can tell his relationship with his sister was very messy and he knows a lot about her. The start of the relationship between Piper and Larry is weird but also very cute. I would like to see how thier relationship progressed but I know that that would detract from the show and make it more about Pipers past life than the clearly more interesting prison situation. I only have one comment about Pipers mom and that is she reminds of me of Dennis and Dee's mom from It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia, because she is shallow and disgusted by most people. I hope that you watch this show and comment about it below.