Orchid Types.... can be a bit of a loaded question. In a very specific sense it can mean 'What is the orchids scientific type?' Orhids belong to the plant family known as Orchidaceae, which has five sub-families, each of which has 2 to 300 genera. And each genera ranges from 16 species to aproximately 20,000 species. That's a lot of orchids!

Let's be realistic, unless your getting ready to take a botany test, you probably don't really care. Unless you have already passed said botany test, you will probably only run into a small fraction of the number of orchids that exist. The orchids that you are going to find available at most stores or greenhouses are going to come from a handful of species falling in a couple different genera.

An orchid type that you may well come in contact with is the phal orchid. It is a common orchid sold at stores and greenhouse because it is a good orchid for beginners to start with. It is also commonly refered to as a Moth Orchid.

Another orchid type is the Paphiopedilum orchids, or paph orchid. These are the well known 'Lady Slipper' orchids. Varieties of these are also easy to grow and find locally.

A Cymbidium orchid might also be a good choice if you live in a sunny coastal region. This orchid type can grow up to 30 colorful blossoms on each spike and retain the blooms for months. Any guess as to why this might be a popular orchid type?

This is still pretty heady stuff, but this is getting into the fairly important to know category. As you can see there many, many different types of orchids available. It is important to know what type of orchid you have so you can properly take care of it.

Is your orchid the type that likes bright sun or prefers morning and evening sun with lots of indirect light? Does you orchid require lots of water or little water? What about temperature, does it like hot, cold or mild? Orchids come from such a wide range of areas that is important to know the orchid type so you can research them a little and find out it's ideal growing conditions.