Orchids as a wedding flower are one of the favorites of brides. They were once perceived as a flower reserved for wealthy people's weddings only, But that is no longer the case.  There are so many varieties that different colored orchids can be used for different colored weddings. They can be matched in accordance to the bride’s maids dresses .

Light Purple Orchid FlowerThe cymbidium species is commonly used in weddings and it is stunning as there are many colors of this large flower. One advantage of using cymbidium as a wedding flower is they are very wilt resistant, usually much needed on a hot summer day. One way of using orchids is as a bride bouquet, but not necessarily the only way of using.  There are many other ways to use an orchid in a wedding, especially at the reception.

Strong fragrance orchids should not be selected in the case of a bridal bouquet as she will have it close to her nose. Select one that is pleasing to the bride.  The orchids' fragrance should be pleasant, keeping in consideration the guests too.

Wedding orchids are used to decorate the church and the wedding hall as well. To add a quick splash of color and flare to the decorations, orchid heads can be placed on the reception tables. Floating their heads in a large ornate bowl of water is another way of decorating at the reception. Orchids which have long stems are used as a centerpiece in a vase.  If the proper orchid is selected is can be used as an edible garnish at the reception as well.

As roses are for love, lilacs and daisies for innocence, blue hydrangeas for loyalty and friendship, orchids are for beauty. Many brides want to use them not only because of their beauty, but for what they stand for.  What beautiful bride would not like to carry a beautiful bouquet of orchids at her wedding?   Apart from representing the beauty of the bride it also reciprocates the beauty of union and marriage and the wedding couple's new life together.

Some of the other reasons why they are considered good wedding flowers is because they are rugged flowers and resistant to moisture loss and heat. Though orchids are sensitive to cold, they can withstand most shipping conditions if they need to be shipped in. Different types of Orchids are available in different seasons all year round. A main advantage of using orchids in a wedding is they can be bought in bulk thus they can reduce some cost.

Cutting out the middleman in suppling the flowers for a wedding can greatly reduce the cost of at least that aspect of the wedding.  As long as there is a local florist available to arrange the orchids into the beautiful bouguet needed.

The beauty of the orchid is well known and will live on in weddings and any other function that requires the beauty of this wonderful flower.