Order Personalized Candy For A Unique Gift

As my anniversary was rapidly approaching, I was looking for something new and exciting to commemorate our special day that hadn't already been done. After doing some research online, I finally found an awesome solution that makes a unique and tasty gift. I decided to order personalized M&Ms online to create a personalized candy message for my spouse. There are so many great options available to create your candy exactly to your specifications. In fact, not only can you create a custom message on candy, you can also choose the M&M colors in your order. This can make it easy to coordinate your candy to just about any holiday or occasion. For example, if you are ordering personalized M and Ms for your loved one to celebrate Valentine's Day, you can order M&M's in pink, red and white. These colors are symbolic of Valentine's Day and help to make your customized candy a tasty and well coordinated gift. 

What about ordering personalized candy for your high school sweetheart using your high school team's colors? Some people use personalized M&Ms as wedding favors, choosing elegant colors, such as white and lilac. These candies can be packaged in decorative cellophane wrap or paper and enhanced with beautiful matching ribbon. This makes an inexpensive and unique memento for your wedding party and other guests to take home with them after the celebration. Some companies sell wedding favor candies already packaged and ready to give to your guests, while others sell only the candy and wedding favor supplies so that you can assemble your favors yourself.

Ordering personalized M&M's is easy; on the website, you can select the color or colors that you would like first. Bear in mind that there are a few M and M colors that cannot be personalized, including Black, Teal, Brown, Dark Maroon and Dark Blue. The website states that these colors are too dark to print over, but if you need dark colors, there are a few other dark colors available that can be printed on. Next, you can add an image or clip art of your choice to personalize your candy. This is a unique feature offered by M&M's, which allows you the flexibility to customize candy with more than just a message if you so choose. You now have the option of an image, clip art or text. If you choose text, you will also have the option of choosing a font that you like best. Many people prefer the Comic Sans font because it's a friendly font that is easy to read. Make sure that the font you select is easy to read by using the preview window on the website. This allows you to preview what your personalized candy will look like before you make your payment online.

What Custom Candy Packaging Options Are Available?

When you have finished customizing your candy, you get to choose the type of packaging that it comes in. You can choose bulk bag packaging, which is a great option if you plan to package your candy in your own packaging. The candies are available in both 5 pound and 10 pound bulk bags so that you can package and distribute them as you choose. You can also choose small tins or clear boxes to show off your custom creation. These cute options are awesome, but require a minimum of 20 of each to be ordered. If you prefer, you can also order a mug for your candies and they will arrive encased in a bag inside of the mug. The Green M&M seems to be a popular choice, with her cartoon likeness displayed prominently on the front of the collector's mug. It's hard to go wrong when choosing customized candies for your special occasion.

Custom M&Ms

Custom M&Ms are available in almost every color.