Giving a gift to somebody and knowing you’ve made exactly the right choice is a deeply satisfying feeling. Handing over luxury objects such as beautifully produced photo books is the perfect way to let someone know how much they mean to you, and taking the time and trouble to produce your own photo gifts is amongst the very best means of underlining this.

Choosing a gift for someone is often both a pleasure and a chore. The pleasurable aspect lies in the knowledge that the thing you’re going to hand over will be loved, valued and appreciated, but actually finding just the right gift to give can often be rather difficult. The best gifts are those which could really only come from you and only be intended for the recipient, such is the personal input involved. Snatching something off the shelf of a shop in the middle of a fraught, stressful shopping trip is far from satisfactory but, in the midst of our busy lives, it is all too often the best that we can manage. The custom made answer, to coin a phrase, lies in making something yourself, a hand crafted item which is truly one of a kind. Sadly, however, not very many people possess the skills or experience necessary to feel confident actually doing so. If you’re en expert carpenter, artist or chef then turning your hand to making something may seem fairly simple but for most of us, the thought of the kind of sub standard item which we’d be able to produce will be enough to put us off.

Digital technology, however, has now come to the rescue, bringing personal, unique, custom made gifts within everyone’s reach. Just think how easy it is to print photos now compared with the days before digital photography became widespread. Well, the same easy use of technology can now be applied to the production of a broad range of photo gifts, from small novelty items such as key rings to larger, more lavish objects along the lines of bespoke, individually printed photo books. Take wedding photo albums, for example, those deluxe hard back volumes which now form an integral part of every modern wedding. Whilst the books produced by a professional photographer will be impressive in nature, it is also possible to create a more relaxed, cheerful and intimate portrait of the special day by bringing together the best photographs taken by everyone attending and having them printed to a professional standard in your very own volume. Whether you’re creating gifts for a bride and groom, gifts for a dad to be or something to give to mark a birthday or anniversary, using your own personal images will allow you to craft something which is utterly unique and tailor made with the recipient in mind.

Rather than just sending the same tired old mass produced greeting cards, for example, you can create your own, produced to the highest possible standards. Simply upload the image of your choice to the relevant website and then make use of the software provided. It’s been especially deigned to be easy to use without any experience in either design or computing, allowing you to choose the size and shape of your card and add any text you might want. The end result will be as good as anything you could buy in the shops whilst, crucially, being utterly unique.

Creating photo gifts using your own images is the equivalent of giving a little bit of yourself as a gift. Whatever you make, whether its canvas prints or photo books, will be an individual item specifically created with the recipient in mind, and as such it will warm the heart like few other gifts are able to.