Leveling up in Order and Chaos Online and any other MMORPG can take a long time if you do not know what you are doing. Gamers who have played World of Warcraft or Rift will feel right at home with the controls and basic gameplay of Order and Chaos Online. The first thing you will need to decide is which class you would like to play. Rangers and Warriors have much less down time when it comes to leveling because you will not have to eat as often or wait for mana to regen. When it comes down to it, you should choose the class that you are most comfortable playing so that you will enjoy your character. Once you get started playing Order and Chaos, you will quickly find that questing is a much faster way to level up and a lot less tedious. There are tons of leveling guides online that will walk you through which quest zones are appropriate for each level. Be sure to complete all available quests for your level to cut down on grinding time. You will find tons of daily quests that have huge experience and gold rewards. Complete all of the daily quests and repeatable quests for your level as often as possible. There is an in game quest helper that makes questing very simple. Sometimes you will find yourself stuck without any quests to complete. You will have to start grinding out your levels to reach the next quest zones. If you have some extra real world money to spend, purchase some rune stones and visit the Treasure Seller. These NPC can be found in almost every city in the game. Purchase small or large Saintly Blessings from this vendor. These items will increase the experience gained by killing monsters by 50% or 100% for 1 hour. This will greatly decrease the amount of time you will spend grinding out levels when you do not have any quests to complete. Make sure you stock up on food and empty your bags before you head out to a grinding spot to save yourself trips back and forth to town. Be careful when grinding with a friend or in a group. Make sure that the other players are helping and not just standing around eating up all of your experience. Grinding in groups can help you level up quickly as long as everyone is participating. Be sure to always keep up with your gear. Most classes can level up to 60 with the gear obtained from completing quests. Having the best gear for your level means less down time and less damage taken. You can find new gear by completing quests, crafting or the auction house. Learn your class as you level up and find out which talents will help you reduce the amount of down time between each kill. Use all of these tips to level up quickly in Order and Chaos Online for iOS devices.

Rune Stone Vendor