Looking for an air purifier? Oreck makes two of the best air purifiers currently on the market.

Oreck has long been one of the most well known names in vacuum cleaners. You may remember the many different commercials featuring founder David Oreck. These famous commercials have been running nearly continuously on television channels for years. But did you know that in addition to vacuum cleaners, Oreck is one of the leading manufacturers of air purifiers? If you're looking for an air purifier for office or home, then an Oreck air purifier is certainly one brand which is well worth considering.

There are currently two different kinds of Oreck air purifiers: The Oreck XL Tower Professional Air Purifier, and the Oreck XL Table Top Professional Air Purifier. Other manufacturers may have more than two different models for sale, but Oreck only needs two because both models are very highly rated. One of these two air purifiers may be exactly what you're looking for.

Oreck XL Table Top Professional Air Purifier

This air purifier is a perfect fit for the home or office. It uses a table top design in order to conserve space, so it fits nicely in areas with limited amounts of space. For example, you could place the air purifier easily onto a night stand or end table. Although it has a compact, minimalist design, the Oreck XL Table Top Air Purifier can clean the air in spaces up to 800 square feet. This is quite powerful when you consider the small size of the unit. You can purchase an Oreck XL Table Top Air Purifier for approximately $400 - $500. This is a very reasonable price considering the value and power of the unit.

Oreck XL Tower Professional Air Purifier

This air purifier is perfect if you need to clean the air in a large room. The Oreck XL Tower Professional has a modern look, and can actually clean the air in spaces up to nearly 1200 square feet. Compare this to the cleaning capacity of other brands of air purifiers, and you'll find the Oreck comes out on top.

In addition to cleaning capacity, the Oreck air purifiers are very energy efficient. In fact, according to Oreck, both purifiers use about the same amount of power as an ordinary light bulb. You can pick up an Oreck XL Tower Professional Air Purifier for about $750 retail.

More than just freshening the air

The job of an air purifier is not just to improve the air inside your home. A good air purifier will also destroy bacteria that are trapped inside it. This will help to make your home healthier. While it is true that some other air purifiers will remove bacteria, it is important to keep in mind that not all air purifiers do this. Premium air purifiers, such as those manufactured by Oreck, not only will trap bacteria but will also eliminate it. This will make cleaning the air purifier safer, should you need to clean it.

A great feature of both the Oreck XL Tower Professional and the Oreck Table Top Professional is that neither one will need a replacement filter. This will save you money that you would have spent on filters if you buy a different brand. With just a small amount of cleaning, your Oreck Air Purifier should last for many years.