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The application of oregano essential oils are perfect for those who want to engage in a cleansing and pure life style. Essential oils contain the true essences of the plant they are drawn from. Oregano essential oils are no exception. Oregano can be found in higher altitudes and normally grown in the mountains, thus the name oregano which stands for "Delight of the Mountains". When the essential oil is drawn from the leaves of this flowering plant through steam distillation, its disinfectant and anti bacterial properties, therapeutic benefits and 50 different antimicrobial compounds with every drop truly becomes a delight.


Oregano essential oil, (Origanum vulgare) with its high levels of carvacrol, inhibits the growth of several bacteria. A high content of phenolic acids and flavanoids, also makes it a great antioxidant. Oregano essential oils have an array of uses to choose from. It can either be taken in or applied externally but prior to use, one should always consult an eligible medical or herbal practitioner to make sure it suites one's particular condition.

Rashes, warts, boils, fungal infections do not escape the list of skin infections oregano essential oils can treat. First let it be known that when applied externally it should always be diluted with carrier oil, most common of which is olive or coconut oil. This is due to its high concentration which may cause irritation. Essential oils are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. Mix a teaspoon of the oregano essential oil with two teaspoons of the carrier oil and apply on affected area.

Oregano essential oils' antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic properties also help in strengthening the body's immune system. When taken internally, be sure to start in small amounts, like a drop or two daily in your beverage. Maple syrup or honey can also be mixed to improve taste. Take for about 15 days and stop for another 15 days and repeat process. Essential oils are absorbed into the circulatory system through the skin, or mucous membranes. When the oil enters the bloodstream they then travel throughout the body and take their toll according to their priorities.

This oil is also widely used for detoxification and aromatherapy in baths and massages. One factor is the strong, spicy smell that oregano essential oil has that can become uplifting and vitalizing, as it is also refreshing and cleansing. It is one of the best choices for relaxation. When used in a sparingly amount, oregano essential oil can make bathing and massages a luxurious experience. They can perk up the mood and stimulate the senses. Oregano essential oil can even be used in cleaning household surfaces. With a cotton cloth add a few drops of diluted oil and wipe the surface of choice to kill harmful bacteria.

As a culinary herb and belonging to the mint family, oregano essential oil is well known and frequently used by many for tomato sauce, vegetables, and grilled meat. Before its culinary use, oregano oil was known in Greek history as treatment for wounds, headaches, and venomous bites. Greek doctors used it to treat lung conditions, bronchitis, sinusitis, and cold symptoms.

The Market Today

It requires about one hundred leaves to make a pound of volatile oregano essential oil Because of this and the fact that the essential oils market is still relatively new (yet growing rapidly), there are people who take advantage of the situation and secretly "stretch" the oil by diluting it. Beware of these entrepreneurs. Oregano essential oils can be bought at your local health food stores or online retailers which sell them for about 10-16 dollars per 15 ml/.5 oz or so. Do take caution if you find it for a lot less, chances are these are not pure. There are also soft gels available which sell for about 8 dollars for 90 pieces.


There are different species of plants that are closely related to oregano such as the plant named marjoram. These species are labeled incorrectly, passed of and sold as oregano. It is important to check the source of where oregano is bought to make sure that the purchase is a hundred percent natural. Pure oregano essential oil should be verified in order to be taken in safely. Though some counterfeit species still contain carvacrol, the cleansing chemical the true oregano (origanum vulgare) is famous for are pretty much absent. When taken in higher dosages it can cause skin and mucus membrane irritation. Pregnant and nursing women are advised to avoid the use of these fake products.