Oil of Oregano Benefits

A Great Alternative to Harsher Antibiotics and Anti-Fungals

These days, many people are seeking alternatives to standard western medical options. This is true for many different reasons. Some people are concerned about the efficacy of anti-biotics. Others are worried about side effects. Still others just prefer to "go the natural route" whenever possible. If you prefer alternative or herbal treatments, one you may want to consider is oil of oregano (also known as oregano oil).

Something I should mention right off the bat: it is very, very, very strong stuff. When you open up a bottle, it will almost knock you off your feet. For this reason, most people prefer to take it diluted in another, milder oil (such as olive oil). You can in fact buy it pre-diluted, if that is your preference. Or if you'd rather, you can simply dilute it yourself. Some folks take a few drops in water or juice. Some place diluted drops under the tongue. (Medication taken sublingually in this way can go directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. It's a more direct route.) However, some people are taking it to treat digestive issues, so they prefer to swallow it (diluted, of course). I really cannot emphasize enough just how potent it is, so do be sure to dilute it if you do not buy one of the pre-diluted versions.

Personally, I love the strong, menthol fragrance and taste. It lets me know that this stuff is potent and it can really do a number on the germs in your system. It is great for congestion, which is why I became interested in it. (A whiff alone is great for congestion.) But that is not the only thing it treats. Many people report great results of all kinds. You will want to read more about oil of oregano before you try it. And if you suffer from any food allergies, you will definitely want to proceed with caution. (As I said, it is truly strong stuff). You will also want to speak to your doctor and/or naturopath before you try it. Just because it is an herbal remedy, and just because you can purchase it without a prescription does not mean it is not powerful.

A word of warning: if you have candida, some people with this condition report experiencing a "die-off" when they start taking oil of oregano. From what I have read on the topic, this can be a difficult experience, to say the least, so be sure to go slow. If your doctor gives you the go-ahead, consider starting out with an ultra-minimal dose (like one drop) so that you can see how your body reacts to it.