Growing up our family was big on taking weeklong vacations during all seasons, and would often look for someplace other than a hotel to spend the nights away from home. If you have done any amount of travelling you probably know that most hotels are pretty much the same, and especially during a vacation, you want more of a unique experience to make memories in.

One of our most memorable vacations was spent at an Oregon coast vacation rental home in the small town of Depoe Bay. The house itself wasn't super-nice, just comfortable with several areas one could relax, watch the waves roll in and read a good book. Looking back, I think it showed us how nice it can be to get away from school, work and all the busyness of life, but still kind of just lounge around. When you spend time in someone else's home, you don't seem to have the same kind of worries.

If you are considering a vacation along the Oregon coast you will probably want to look online for rental home options, locations and price. First thing, make a determination on what part of the state's large coastline you want to enjoy. The Northern Oregon coastal areas are a bit more rugged and less busy during the summer travel season. Meanwhile, along the Southern coast you will find a few more tourist attractions, but also larger crowds and groupings of people.

For any serious owner of a vacation rental property, putting pictures online for you to see will be a no-brainer. You should never spend money on any rental without at least seeing pictures and talking to the owner or property manager on the phone. You may also want to check with the area's Chamber of Commerce or Realtor's Association to make sure the property location you are considering actually exists. Too often families will send in a deposit for a weeklong vacation only to arrive at the address given to find nothing. The best case scenario is to get a personal reference for a rental, and then return to that location year after year.