Are you an Oregon fan? What better way to show your team pride than by wearing an Oregon Duck T-Shirt? Yea, I can't think of a better way either! With their captivating style and comfort, they are an idea whose time has come, whether buying for oneself, friends, relatives or any other of the plethora of fans for the Oregon Ducks! Coming as they do in a wide range of stylized T Shirts, whether in the cool weather or warm, long sleeve or short, these wonderful tributes to the Ducks beg to be worn, in cool, warm, or, really, any kind of weather! (Even rainy)

With long or short sleeve, unisex options as well, be your love for standard, retro, raglan or whatever style you are interested in, it can be done, quick as a flash!
Sportier options are also available for the men, with the tight fit (have you heard of the dri fit fashion).

Women, not to be outdone, have the form fitted shape to fit their femininity, with a lighter weight option to boot. Manufactured by industry trend setter Nike, all but one of these are made from 100% cotton, with the dri fit option made with cotton along with a polyester. Either way, you can't beat the wear-ability and fashion consciousness, whether a long term or new convert to the unimaginably successful Ducks!

Color options abound for the Oregon Duck t-shirts, allowing for you to blend in or stand out. Raglan and the stylized crew shirts, with green sleeves surrounded by white, are complete with the attractive Duck logo. Additionally, you can choose a yellow logo-ed shirt, coming in green with white sleeves, or white with gray sleeve. Fashionable logo present on all, of course! Whether one wishes full name of Oregon or just the large O, along with the Nike swoosh, you have a plethora of choice!

With many color options, great variety in design, in both short and long sleeve, the choice is clear! It is Oregon Duck T-shirts all around; with affordability built in to the purchase. You will be fashionable, supporting the team, and helping the coffers of the athletic program all at the same time. Your options of use, time and place, are as extensive as the number of styles to choose from. Wear them with the same pride you have in the University of Oregon. It is a T-Shirt befitting the mighty Ducks, your team, Oregon's team, and, soon to be, everyone's team!