Organic Aromatherapy Oils - Pure Alternative Medicine

The purest aromatherapy oils are organic. When you choose to use organic aromatherapy oils you are using a remedy that may be second to none. An organic oil means it has been processed completely naturally. The herbs were harvested with out any pesticides or outside influencing fertilizer. The toxins that might enter an herb that is not organic can cut into the healing effects of an organic aromatherapy oil.

What Is An Organic Aromatherapy Oil?

The difference between a traditional oil and an organic oil is the way the herbs were harvested and processed. A traditional oil might be made from herbs that were drenched in fertilizer. Most farmers want products that grow bigger and grow faster. This gives them more product in a shorter amount of time. That equals more money for the farmer.

Organic farmers don't use fertilizers. This means their products grow slower and they aren't as big. The health benefits are enormous, but the farmer doesn't get as many products so he needs to charge more per plant. An organic aromatherapy oil is safe from any pesticide or fertilizer that might influence the healing benefits.

Where Can You Buy Organic Aromatherapy Oil?

The rapid emergence of organic food has towed along a ton of other organic products. You can find organic aromatherapy oils at most online retailers, including the largest one on the internet.

For the best price and product combination you will want to search the massive inventory at There are user reviews and product insights that help you know exactly what you're buying and what other people are saying about it. Their reviews are not forced, altered or edited in anyway. If a product is good they want other people to know about it. The same way, if a product is not any good they want people to know about it. So they will leave the negative reviews available along with the positives.

You can find organic oils at aromatherapy specific online retailers as well. The selection might be a bit limited and the prices are going to be higher. Make sure you are buying your oils from a retailer you can trust. Do a little background research. Give them a call if they have a phone number and see if there is a trustworthy person on the other side. There is a lot of ambiguity in the aromatherapy industry, you don't want to get taken advantage of.

How Much Do Organic Aromatherapy Oils Cost?

On average they are going to cost about 50% more than traditional oils. The fact that the farmer who harvests the herbs does not use pesticide or fertilizer means he gets less products. In order to make up for his lack of inventory he needs to charge more per unit. This price increase trickles down to you the consumer. The benefits of an organic oil is huge, but you will have to pay the price for it.

Depending on what oils you want to buy and where you decided to buy them from, the price can vary. Usually, for individual oils you can expect to pay as little as $4.99 per ounce. There are organic kits that include a variety of different oils and they are usually reasonably priced. From what I found online, a complete organic oil kit can start at $24.99 for 7 ounces of oil.

When you are purchasing anything organic you want to make sure you are doing so from a reputable retailer. It is easily disguisable when you sell something as organic but it is not. If you are an avid organic consumer, finding aromatherapy oils that support that can be tremendously beneficial.

There are a number of online retailers and sources you can find your oils. Putting together the right recipe for your ailments is a great way to heal yourself inside and out. Doing it with organic aromatherapy oils is even better.