Organic beauty products help to create a healthy, youthful apperance. Its no suprise that people are choosing to go organic, not only are organic beauty products good for the skin but they are also great for the envirnoment.

Your ordinary beauty products contain harmful chemicals that can cause health risks. They also contain synthetic additives which also pose a health risk. Cosmetics companies are required to list there ingredients on the label but the government does not require standard tests for the chemicals they use in there products. Woman spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on beauty products believing that they are making them more youthful and beautiful but that is not the case they are actually doing more harm to your skin than good.

Organic products are especially benefical to people that have minor skin conditions such as sensitive skin, acne and excema. They soothe and improve the skins texture. Ordinary beauty products will irritate these conditions and can even worsen them.

Although organic products can be a little pricey they are well worth the price. You can find organic products at your local Walmart, Walgreens or Department stores. If you are on a tight budget you can also make your own organic products in the comfort of your home. Try this amazing strawberry yougart mask courtesy of bubzbeauty (you tube). Ingredients you will need are 5 small strawberries, 2 spoonfuls of regualar yougart, 1 tsp olive oil, 2 tsp honey, 2 spoonfuls oatmeal. After removing the leaves of coarse, mash the strawberries up with a fork. Put in bowl and mix with rest of ingredients. The oatmeal thickens the mix up , so its easier to put on your face. Then apply to your face with your hands. Leave on for 20 minutes. Massage into your skin, rinse then pat dry. This nourshing mask has 5 days shelf life in your fridge.

Another good product to make at home is a grape facial scrub . Mash a handful of of grapes. Strain them to separate the pulp from the juice. Remove the skins and mash the pulp and juice with 1 tablespoon of almond flour.