Do you think you are ready as your kid learns how to crawl? As your child takes his first step on his own and starts exploring the world, you might want to recheck your home for safety. You might not see your child having access to the pending dangers just lying around your home especially household cleaners.

As your infant grows, they are more curious of their environment everyday. There will come a time when your child will touch and feel all the things that he sees. He will play on the floor more often. Eventually, he will try to put anything he touches in his lips. You don't want to jeopardize your baby's health just because you were not extra careful in selecting and storing household cleaners and other perilous materials.

Babies develop certain motor skills during the first year of their life. Their body becomes ready to develop muscular strength and coordination in the process. A normal infant learns how to sit, bounce, roll over and crawl as he reaches his 5th month. This is the perfect time to check up on your cleaning routine and clear the household of anything that may pose threat.

During his 8th month, your kid should be able to stand with the help of an object. Make sure that your supporting object is strong enough to carry them. On his 10th month, your child must be able to bend his knees and know how to sit down after standing. Eventually, he should be able to squat, stand and bend down. Eventually, your kid should be really comfortable walking while gripping on your fingers or independently.

When this happens, you should be prepared. One, get rid of any obstructions. Your kid can learn to walk faster and more effectively if there are no hindrances or threatening objects that could harm him.
Second, always keep his room neat and disinfected with non toxic cleaners. As he holds and grabs on to anything, you should be definitely sure that surfaces are disinfected. But most importantly, you want safe cleaning products that evaporate swiftly and leave no toxic residues that can poison your baby. Toxic fumes emitted by these cleaners are also perils for your baby.

Start practicing green household keeping and using organic products now. Through this, you can protect your child's development physically, mentally, and emotionally without fretting about health hazards linked to traditional cleaning products.