With the environment in such a poor state everyone is looking for ways to help out. The TV and printed press is always talking about ways we can help the environment and go greener. There's constantly adverts online encouraging us to think about waste and recycling. Many people don't know however that you can start doing lots of little things at home which can make all the difference. If we all do our part it will add up and we can turn things around. One thing mothers out there can do is consider using organic cloth diapers for their baby. Before you run for the hills with this idea hear me out! Little changes like this can be good for your baby and the environment.

Organic Cloth Diapers A Better Choice For Your Child

Organic cloth diapers are exactly as they sound, cloth diapers! They are chemical and pesticide free which is healthier for your baby. What could be more important to a mother than that. It's a little known fact that regular diapers contain these chemicals and pesticide's so it's really not worth the risk. Tests have shown that organic cloth diapers absorb wetness better and there's less reports of babies getting diaper rash from using these types of diapers. The bad news is they are a little bit more expensive to buy compared to regular diapers. The good news is that because they are reusable it works out cheaper in the long run as you're not buying diapers all the time. You just keep washing and using the same ones again. This is also much better for the environment as there is much less waste involved in the process.

Believe it or not it can take up to 400 years for a regular diaper to biodegrade in a land fill side. Think about the damage this is doing to the environment. You obviously won't have problems like this with organic cloth diapers which is another fantastic reason to use them on your baby. The best part is you can use diaper liners to put inside the cloth diaper. This part is disposable which makes the cloth diaper easier to wash. You simply flush away the diaper liner in your toilet and replace it with a new one for your baby to use. The liner is also biodegradable which is good for the environment. There are also diaper sprayers available that hook up to the tank of your toilet and have a mini shower head. Once the baby has made a mess in the diaper you can take the diaper to the toilet spray it with the diaper sprayer which directs the mess straight in to the toilet and you can then get rid of it by flushing the waste away. The cloth diaper is then washed in the washing machine without creating any sort of horrible mess.

I believe that organic cotton cloth diapers can make a big difference to the well being of your baby as well as the environment. There is very little waste from the product which means it doesn't have to go to the land fill site to biodegradable. Your baby will also be much happier using a diaper which does not contain any nasty chemicals!