When trying to decide between buying organic coffee or store bought, it is important to understand what is different and why one might be a wiser choice for you. The main distinguishing factor is the growing methods employed – organic growers utilize sustainable and ecological methodology while store bought growers use the more traditional techniques involving chemicals and tree removal.

Organic coffee is grown without chemicals or pesticides and in an ecologically friendly environment without the destruction of forests, fauna, and wildlife. This eliminates any chemical run-off or seepage into the local ground water. Organic growers use hybrid-coffee trees developed to tolerate direct sunlight so there is no need for deforesting the growing area. In order to be certain that the coffee is organic, choose only those sellers touted as “certified” by a state or local agricultural authority.  

Store bought coffee is generally produced in the most economical way so as to maximize profits. Chemicals and pesticides are utilized to ensure a successful and bountiful crop while forests are destroyed to make room for coffee groves. During the cleaning and roasting processes, nearly all the chemicals and pesticides used during growing are burnt off rendering the coffee beans free of these impurities. However, the run-off from the fields and leaching into the ground water is a very real consequence of standard growing practices.

Additionally, deforesting is required to make room for the coffee plants, thus approximately half of the trees are removed. Coffee plants cannot tolerate direct sunlight therefore the remaining trees are use as cover or shields for the growing crop. These remaining trees are subjected to the same chemicals and pesticides as the coffee plants. The wildlife that once depended upon the complete forest must now move on to deeper more wooded areas in order to continue their survival. The entire ecosphere surrounding the coffee groves are disrupted, chemically bombed and ravaged.

So which to choose: organic coffee or store bought? It’s not a simple choice as there are also cost and availability factors to consider besides the ecological implications. Organic coffee is more expensive and more difficult to produce, thus the cost to consumers is more. The number of certified organic coffee growers is small as well and also adds to the cost. Store bought coffee is readily available and less expensive, but how reliable is it that all the chemicals are burnt off in the roasting process? Store bought coffee’s growing procedures are harmful to the environment and should be taken into consideration when buying.

If price is not a concern or if you conscience just won’t let you buy store bought coffee, then purchasing organic is your answer. If price is a factor and you cannot live without a cup of joe in the morning, the store bought coffee is for you. Either way, the coffee you buy will taste great and you should feel content and enjoy your java.