Colorful DiapersCredit: Vera KratochvilOne of the biggest reasons that moms and dads switch from disposable diapers to cloth baby diapers is that they worry about exposing their newborns to chemicals found in cloth diapers. Organic cotton cloth baby diapers offer a way for parents to diaper their babies in comfort without exposing them to potentially harmful chemicals found in disposable diapers.

If the only thing that you know about cloth diapers is that moms of earlier generations cast them aside in favor of disposables, you will be happy to note that cloth diapering is just as easy as using disposables now. Options include diapers that are just as absorbent as disposables. And while you will have to spend a little time washing cloth diapers, you will save money by using them and not purchasing disposables.

The Diaper Differences

Not all cloth diapers are exactly the same. Some cloth diapers are made of synthetic fabrics. Some parents prefer synthetic cloth diapers because the fabrics are very good at keeping a baby dry. However, these fabrics may have been treated with chemicals, or created in a laboratory.

Organic fabrics aren’t treated with chemicals. They may be made of linen, flax, cotton or bamboo. In the United States, cotton is the most common organic material found.

Cotton Options

Cotton(76539)Credit: North Carolina Department of AgricultureIn the past, cotton cloth has had a bad reputation from cloth diaper users because cotton growers typically use pesticides to grow the plant. Snow-white cotton has also gone through a bleaching process to give it that appearance. Parents worried that all those pesticides and bleaching agents could turn up as a residue in diapers, as well as harming the ecosystem.

Organic cloth feels the same as traditional cotton cloth. However, organic farmers do not grow it using pesticides, nor do they use genetically engineered seed.  Manufacturers who use organic cotton also do not bleach it to make a lower impact on the environment.

How to Look For Organic Cotton Cloth Diapers

Because of the demand for organic cotton, some cloth diaper companies include lines that are made of either 100 percent organic cotton or a blend of organic cotton and other natural fibers such as hemp or bamboo. It is easy to find organic cotton cloth diapers in several styles, including prefold diapers, cotton inserts for diaper shells and one size fitted diapers. Most cloth diaper manufacturers will list whether their diaper is organic cotton along with the sales information.