Organic Essential Oils Wholesale - Save on Cheap Aromatherapy

The opportunities for organic essential oils wholesale are not only a booming business for aromatherapy enthusiasts out there, but it also has great benefits for buyers and the environment alike. Since organic essential oils, the purest essential oils available, are grown free from pesticides, carcinogens, petrochemicals, and heavy metals, one can have a healthier aromatherapy experience. They are concentrated plant essence, and consequently, many believe that pure organic essential oils have greater therapeutic benefits because they are free of synthetic chemicals.

Pure VS Synthetic

So what's so good about Organic Essential Oils Wholesale? Well, you get the best results from your essential oil if it is pure and organic. Free from unnatural additives, pure organic essential oils are of higher quality than non-organic aromatherapy oils as they give faster and longer-lasting effects. Although you may have to expect to pay more because growing plants via organic means is costly compared to inorganic means, one cannot simply anticipate the same excellent quality of health benefits as compared to organic essential oils. The purer the aromatherapy essential oil, the more potent the therapeutic effects.

Health benefits and uses

Health benefits of organic essential oils range from pain relief, skin care, and even immunity to certain diseases. Organic ethereal oils are most used to soften the skin, to enhance your mood, or to receive a soothing massage without the worry of getting synthesized chemicals inside and outside your body. Organic essential oils are also a prime addition to any expertise or healer's kit; and a good bonus to many kitchens. Simply put, wholesale organic essential oil is distilled Mother Nature that makes a difference in a variety of projects.

Like what? How about organic cooking oils in flavors you love? Or perhaps an organic tea to which you add some essential oil for aromatherapy, or for its health benefit? It's true! Organic essential oils are known to help one unwind, replenish energy, get energized, and drop off stress depending on the herb of choice.

Wholesaling merchandise

If you are an early entrepreneur interested in organic essential oils wholesale and its business, it's good to know that many organic essential oils wholesale sellers in the industry give premium quality products from ethical producers around the globe. There are some wholesalers who are also opening their door directly to consumers; providing you to spend a minimum amount. The base varies from site to site and/or company to company. The least is usually around $50, which isn't hard to expend if you're using essential oils for crafts and/or culinary purposes on a regular basis. To help you sell your final product, some of these sites also sell custom-made labels etc. They also often send small samples of what you've ordered so you can be sure you like the product before it arrives in full bulk.

It is good to note that not all wholesale organic products are fashioned equal, and that is especially true in buying wholesale organic essential oils. Absolutely do your research to see if the corporation you are buying from has any negative reviews or reports from consumer agencies. Examine their shipping and return policies carefully and compare prices to ensure product satisfaction. Quantity discounts are also available from some wholesalers. This means that the more you order, the less you spend. Small orders may only save you about 10 percent off of retail, while larger orders may save you 40 percent or more.

To promote your business, extra materials are often available from wholesalers as well. They may offer custom packaging, personalized labels, catalogs, posters or other promotional materials. Some of these may be free, while others will require payment. Usually, a company will require a set-up fee as well as a fee per item if it is producing custom merchandise with your label. If you are mixing your own recipes, however, you can simply order your own organic essential oils at wholesale and create the products yourself.

You can purchase items such as jars and bottles from a different wholesaler, or you may be able to get them from the same supplier that sells you your essential oils. It is essential to compare prices to prevent overpay for packaging, because that will surely cut into your profits.


Health and business is a powerful combination. But before you embark on the business road, do your research and have a business plan in place. Then start ordering your supplies and have fun with your organic products whilst helping both the economy and the environment and ensuring quality health benefits for you and your buyers.